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Ot::how to post files????lilrob1
Ohms??????Jeff D.1
Hows this look?Polo9
Im retarded Shawn M6
Does anyone on here really know anything about car audio cause im n...charlie33
Big big big problemTroy Stafford9
Questions Before I Buy This Amp..Shawn M5
What do i doRave'n27
My question is...lilrob13
18 xxx picMichael Cheatham9
Ot:: someone know someting about the da vinci code???lilrob17
10w6v2- 12w6v2- 13w6v2 big difference...sq??Jerrod Wray8
OT: Is anyone here MECP certified?Rave'n1
13W7 vs. 2 12W6v2 on a 1000/1Annu1
Sub decision[...Rovin...]18
2 Kicker CVR12's or 1 Kicker S12L7sean17
Amp Placement Suggestionslilrob16
To alpine or not to alpine......>?Mahoney10
OT - lol i found the music video with that asian dude with a grill....[]D A []D1
OT: 3.5" speakersracer5014
MMATS P3 15"Maxx4
Cerwin vega stroker 18Chauncey Brown8
ChaunceyChad Lee10
Who has the best setup on ecousticscharlie21
I need help decidingJason26
2006 RE XXX's and RE'sMuddy Waters5
Sub wiringsteve r26
Help wiring CVRS!!!!!ty mutlow5
OT: Setting up a amp bench?Pancho4
FIX CRACKED SUB HELP!!!chevy4life5
Thinking Of Making new BoxS.P.D6
L7s or MTsChauncey Brown16
Ot- parts websiteMark Highland2
WinISD....Correct or Wrong??Joseph Lewis8
Two 12in vs Two 15in....same brand....B13
Whats linear travel????Thanx guyz.TJ6
Multiplying 600rms!!!!!B4
Alrighty, almost made up my mind. ctmike5
Rovin, wut are your type r's tuned 2???[...Rovin...]9
What Set-up is louder? RE vs. JL audio and Boston AcousticsMike Jones6
Treo Engineering Price ListMuddy Waters8
How to power the ArsenalsMike2
18 xxx picserius1
I want sub's about 20lbs Dustin17
Port sizewillis6
Soundsplinter RL - pChauncey Brown2
Quick help - My CVRS!!!bassman33
New sub box, Troy Stafford20
Focked it up.D.14
Need help with some new subwoofers....josh miller9
12' Resonant Engineering SX SubsChase Freeman6
OT kinda: box portingwillis3
Need help with a new system quickGavin4
2 15 AcendantTroy Amon13
T10001 Rockford Fosgate advisejake papa3
What do u all think of Sony XplodTroy Stafford39
Sub, Amp SelectionAman Singh11
Quick HU opinion needed plz b4 auction expires in 14mins lol...[]D A []D3
New box for xterradrivingreckless7
Need depthMahoney4
Monster bass system for saleChauncey Brown7
Need helpCharles11
Perfect's VS CVRandy werner8
Dual tip ?????Pancho4
Re Sub on ebayChauncey Brown17
2 kicker s15l7 with the kx 2500.1lucas beckner11
Digital Designs Price List.Muddy Waters7
Sub comparison results done in 8/2005 from ICIX Muddy Waters6
Anyone have trye r alpine? What box to use?andy F11
Arsenal vs rl-p vs crystal compChauncey Brown11
Two 18 RE MT ported..powered by a zapco cy2k 4000 watt amp and a 60...Archie Clark13
How to get cu.ft. ????Chauncey Brown2
I got my calculations need someone to check themdrivingreckless15
HowWrEaK HaVoC9
Aby1 have DD's full price list?[...Rovin...]5
Box help PLEASEWahl5
Treo tsx box specsWrEaK HaVoC6
Whats bestCharles20
Arsenal Subs Shipping Today ! ! ! ! ! ! !gage ware2
Double u tee eff?Rave'n2
What sub for a MTX TA3401Terry640510
Perfect's VS CVRYoung James10
Amp for arsenal??WrEaK HaVoC4
New subs Audiobahn?Young James28
Three 12"'s or...Josh Smith24
OT-18's N 2O's Finally on MY Torino(PICS)Josh Smith29
I found 2 great links guys...winISD and big 3NOL1M1TSOLDIER7
Best 1 sub sql system?ctmike52
Old school systems??lilrob8
How do i wire my two 12" subsSean Pickup3
Best 10 or 12 inch SQ sub?josh mistic20
Wat subs to get? Cant desidenick45
Louder...Jeff D.9
Tuning to 32hzMuddy Waters11
Has any one seen this :-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(...Jb19
Some good old SQL01GPSE47
Sealed or ported???David Lenz4
What do yall think?Stevie doo15
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