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D6's vs cvx'sCasey Wood7
Ohm questionSW91529
Waterfall Graphmixneffect6
Picking out subs...Maxx4
Site for cheap good boxesjosh smith1
I'm looking for good 12" subs and an amplifier for my car for under...Matthew McCollom13
How do i wire 2 amps to 1 sub?johnny lemoine12
Another Box QuestionWahl4
Box sizeWahl2
Wuts the best system you ever heard?Tyler35
Just s question....[...Rovin...]6
Need box dimensions for L7 12" at 30-35hz w/ port & 14x16x34 inches...BrAd GiLmAn1
Off Topic - F yo couch!charlie6
5k-8kYoung James5
Shipping cost for second skin???bassman32
HCCA 15 ,Help please?Jeff Loughrey3
Home subwoofer in a carconor barrett30
Opinions NeeDeD PlZJosh5
I need 2 15" SI Mags...WrEaK HaVoC7
Off Topic - Cool FactsMark Highland36
Need subzzzJosh8
Whats wrong with my subs???josh smith7
AlpineChad Lee30
2 10's and 2 15's in the same carkillerzracing7111
Which would be betterD'Angelo Guzman10
Im real cheap, home subwoofer in a car? [...Rovin...]3
A low tuned box is louder by ear?D'Angelo Guzman8
6.5" Subwoofer (14mm XMAX)... What do you think? Mpyre ?B2
SX came todayB67
Pioneer AVH-P6600DVD deal?ty mutlow4
Buy this 4 meB2
Installer interview help...Chris37
Why the difference in sound??B11
Memphis m series subsB4
How do i break in my new sub?TJ8
Full systemVern Greffard12
2 12" r type or 1 12" kicker cvx?Josh Stotts5
Hmmmm.......Thought it was a nice system....Polo6
Is there a big different between 10 and 12 CVXWahl6
Getting IDQ12D P W3
Pioneer Premier TS-W126DVC?Jerome Cochran10
NEW BOX!! for XXX 12 WHOO HOO!johnny lemoine7
Shopping for new ampColby10
Best sub/box combo for the DEEPEST, LOW bass? SQB5
W6s compared to W3v2sucfsaxman8
Best place?Casey Wood4
Spl and sqmikechec92
Can you bench test a amp with a DMM?charlie12
Rca questionNOL1M1TSOLD1ER6
Subs For under $700[...Rovin...]5
Need help with systemAvalanche182
W6s compared to W3v2sAnonymous1
Alpine 12" typeX anyone know?Chauncey Brown3
Is the Alpine type R a good SQL sub?Chauncey Brown11
Off topic Acural Legend Vs. Honda AccordChauncey Brown14
Ground loop isolator?iwrk4satan1
TCAB BoxesSimon J Casey13
Newb STORIES.....lolCadillacDb23
Suggestions for 01 HondaCasey Wood2
CVX: What a Surprise!Dontrell Harris13
Authorized online dealersctmike4
2 Alpine type R 12'sBrett19
Your a Basshead when...Wahl31
Bandpass in a 04 mustange?Wahl5
I need a box for 2...12'' swx-1242D's...that will fit into a......Wahl4
Opinion: best subs for $300Casey Wood11
L7S are they square or round waves????mixneffect9
Isobaric box wiringnerraw3
Amp couldnt have done this to the sub, could it?Trevor Eaton5
Ported fiberglassTrevor Eaton10
Box Specs For 10" Alpine Type-X SubMark S3
What does this mean - 7 in^2 of port areaWrEaK HaVoC9
New re xxx'sWrEaK HaVoC11
8 inch subsBrandon8
Best system ?????Jonathan10
Looking for Loud subwoofer for under $180[...Rovin...]11
Deep cycle | VS | Starter ????/\/\ike12
Decware deathbox? marshall white5
ECLIPSE TI CLONE???marshall white2
Lookin for subs...hunter James1
Got a question on Infinite baffleGlassWolf20
Not wired correctly?[...Rovin...]4
MTX 4500'skillerzracing713
Good match...?James Longo17
Which RE sub compares to a JL W6v2?Greeney188810
Another sub comparison threadJames Longo10
Clif Designs?kklagge1
Dish Network or direct Tv?Chris10
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