Your a Basshead when...


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-at the slightest sound of bass you run to try and find out where its coming from.

-you spend more time looking at pictures of subs than you do p8rn =)

-you are saving change because someday you'll be able to buy an amp with it.

-you buy a perfectly good van/car/suv only to turn it into a 2seater.

-your system weighs almost as much as your car

-you play your system in the driveway and run inside to see whats falling off the walls.

-you have 6 or more subs laying around that are not in use, nor will ever see power.

-when people talk it sounds like charley brown "wuh wuh wuh"

-you laugh when your mirrors fall off

-you laugh when people say "i can't breath in this thing! turn it down!"

-you find it interesting how bass can make your eyes roll around in your head.

-"what" is the most used word in your vocabulary

-you've plugged 4 or more perfectly good subs into the wall because its loud.. hehe

-you've attemped to sell anything and everything you own to buy more equipment.

-you'd rather buy a cheaper car, so you'll hvae more money for a system.

-have 1/0 or bigger wire in your car AND have a use for it.

-ever considered buying huge quantities of subs just to see what it might do.

-lowered a car with concrete

-Extreme class....says enough.

-wanted to see if you could fit a whale in your trunk for those low lows.

-your full attention is given to passing trains because of the bass they produce

-same applies to helicopters

-you go through bass withdrawls

-you beg friends w/ systems to drive b/c you can't afford one. lol.

-you have a dedicated "system fund"

-When you are willing to sacrifice hundreds of dollars worth of equipment by maxxing
everything out to get yourself an extra 1/10th of a dB to take home a first place trophy.

-When you think the smell of voice coils burning up is cool.

-If you've actually been pissed off at yourself for days for cutting your box .05^ft3 smaller than what you wanted it at.

-If you have a large ported box with a large port.

-If you insist on using 8 gauge power wire or 10 gauge speaker wire for your subs.

-If you think that the only mirror you actually need to see out of is your drivers side.

-If you've ever tossed out a spare tire to glass the tire well for extra airspace.

-You think the biggest rivalry since the Crips and Bloods is SQ guys and SPL guys.

-You have a "cop switch" on your amps.

-You would miss your wifes b-day to drive 200 miles to an SPL competition.

-You could give a craap how your SQ is.

-when you think people driving by at 2am bumping is soothing to your sleep

-when you listen to bass songs with headphones on your computer

-when you attempt to build an abc box =)

-when you start doing school papers on "what bass is", "sound ordinances", and "did you hear a boom?"

-if you've ever wondered if it were possible to turn the SETI dish into a subwoofer

-you try to find the resonant frequency of earth, and try to shake it =)

-1 in 2 stories you tell consists in some way of car audio

-you have a huge ported box sitting in your garage tuned to 60hz, for special occasions

-you have a huge ported box sitting in your car tuned to 33hz, for "special" occasions

-you have more subwoofers than fingers

-anything less than 1kwatt per sub is "funny" or "pointless"

-your daily driver exceeds 150db with music

-you've ever faarted in the sub opening of a box and wondered if it could be tuned. (lol. yes it does work)

-you enjoy the smell of silicone or resin

-you can strip 1/0 wire with your teeth

-you've driven past your own house 3 times because this new song's "got bass!"

-you've ever been up past 3am putting a system together (yes this includes testing. lol)

-your cars carpeting looks like swiss cheese

-you have enough wire sitting in boxes to install 3more systems

-you have more than 3 spl comp shirts

-you know how to recone subs, and do this to your own regularly =)

-your system budget exceeds your annual income

-you've given your 2yr old child a 15" 50lb sub for xmas

-you've ever tried to combine the baskets and magnets of 2 subs to make one better one.

-you have 3sets of test tones on computer and/or on cd

-you think "feel the bass" and "40cycles" are actual music.

-If you spend more time at the local stereo shop than you do at work.

-If you put off studying for finals to build a new enclosure.

-If you think hearing aids are going to be an excellent investment in 5-10 years.

-You complain because 145dB with one 12 isn't enough.

-You drive to a parklot, park towards the back and beat the hell outta your system, just for the hell of it.

-You've had the cops called to house more than twice in one week.

-You get pissed because none of your friends understand your obsession.

-If you've told a cop: "I didn't have my system turned up ENOUGH to be heard from
100ft" the way, it didn't work

-You've blown every home audio subwoofer you have by putting it in your car to see how loud it is.

-If you've found an old box makes a nice coffee table.

-Your new box design bothers you more than anything else.

"Car Audio, my Anti-Drug", we're to broke to buy drugs.

-You constanly get girls to get on your trunk to see if they can get off.

-you've tried to make pop cans explode using just bass

-your eyes know how to adjust to blurred mirror vision

-you are so used to breathing in a 150db environment that you have a hard time breathing outside your car.

-you went out and tried the baloon trick 30seconds after you read the post.

-you want to grow a mullet just so your hair can get fluffed by the "Beast"

-you go to best buy just because you don't have to pay to abuse that equipment

-you go to best buy just to mess with the heads of the really smart people that work there. (note my sarcasm)

-you want to make earmuffs shaped like subs.

-you've ever turned an entire room in your house into an enclosure

-you have a need for wide angle mirrors =)

-you wake up in the middle of the night with ideas of an enclosure

-your child's middle name is Vega or something car audio related

-as a child you took apart your parents home audio speakers.

-your system weighs more than your car

-when "the usual" at home depot is ten sheets of MDF

-when you buy 7/64" drill bits by the dozen and liquid nails by the gallon

-you own/drive a mini-van and you dont have kids

-you keep earmuffs and earplugs inside your glove compartment

-your cars electrical system can start a bus or tractor

-the only math you use is how to figure out impedances and box/port dimensions

-You turn up your system and walk away from your vehicle just to see how loud it really is!

-People pull over for you at night because your headlights flash like a patrol car.

-Noise ordinance violations are a weekend ritual.

-You have a front row seat at db Drag Racing.

-Your EQ setting looks like a flock of geese.

-First name Alma ...Last name Gates!

-Your dream car is an astro Van!

-Alternator whine ... who cares!!

-u stick ur head into a slot port at full blast just to wind up pulling ur head out and saying "CoOOooOL!!!" and it doesnt phase u

-u dont care how bad ur car rattles (maybe cuz u cant hear it on the inside :-)

-u buy power wire in spools

-uve blown more subs then miles u have on ur 20 year old van

-rms means the "minum power handleing"

-u have actually felt a sub smack u in the head at 20mm of xmax

-instead of buying oil for ur cars oil change u buy something like rca wires or carpeting just cuz u have the money

-u have blown more fuses then u could count

-u have dreams about 6 beasts in a giant 60 cubic foot wall (droooooool!)

- u have actually "borrowed" subs then blowwn them oooops!

-You can knock stuff off of shelves with 1 sub

-You can blow a house circuit with 1 amp & 1 sub

-Bands ask to use your truck for the PA system

-Earthquake does not = a natural disaster, but a desired product

-Audio sales people let you inform the other customers of what a product can/can't do

-You are not referring to constellations when you mention Orion or Vega

-You bounce your bosses coffee mug off her desk with 80s music

-You try to figure out how to fit the cluster in your truck

-"Hrm....Do you think the theatre will miss the EVs and Crowns?"

-You twist and turn your home speakers into every corner & configuration to get 1 extra dB of bass

-You see a truck bed & cap combination and start to get an evil grin

-Your sig-other has put a time limit on your "visits" to the local stereo shops, BB, CC or anywhere else that has bass

-You suffer from whiplash - not from an accident, but from trying to find that bumpin' car


-You can fix a torn cone, surround, dust cap, etc. on the fly

-You've lost the feeling in your fingers from splicing wire

-You've thought about using/use distribution blocks for your speaker set-ups

-You're not sure if 18s refer to the wheels or the subs

-You refer to batteries as Red, Yellow, or Blue tops

-You think of subs before weapons or gum when you hear the term Bazooka

-you can install a headunit while driving to a comp

-you have custom license plates in reference to bass in some way

-your "battle scars" are in reference to battery burns, pieces of copper under the skin, electrical arc burns, and broken toes =)

-you gave up on fiberglass when you got more in your hair than on the enclosure, and in turn decided to build an mdf wall instead.

-you've ever given yourself a hernia or strained back while trying to lift your own creation.

-you've given up dating for a while becaused the saved money will buy more system parts.

-"screw hydrolics. i got 20hz"

-"what's that officer? i can't hear you! my car keeps making this awful noise! *BRRRAAP*"

-a chair or some household object makes a little bass upon movement, and you spend hours trying to replicate it.

-you have subs that you use just to abuse and laugh at

-instead of having less bass you just throw 200watts on your componants to try and "equal" things out

-mirrors and half your car has to be duct taped together due to excessive violent shaking.

-you must have a 10" or bigger speaker within 6' of you at all times.

-you leave fishing commercials on because "bass" keeps flashing on the screen

-your last wish is to have a 20hz salute held around the world.

-when speaking of gas milage you refer to gallons/mile instead of miles/gallon

-the only donations you make are towards scientists developing replacement ears. (they will exist! someday)

-you figure by the time you go completely deaf, you won't care what people say anyway.

-you've ever stuck your head between the window and dash to see if it gets louder, and kept it there because it does =)

-you consider milk crates pretty good seats

-your windows are more than 1" thick

-when you catch a half-second glimpse of speakers on a tv or movie and can name the
size/brand/model of the speakers.

-when 1000watts thru a component set still gets drowned out..

-when you ride around on a hot summers day, trying to be all that - to a sine sweep..

-if you've said "i'm done.. i'm happy with my system" and a girl says "i like it" and you say "well.. i've got some more additions i want to throw on."

-before you buy a car, you don't ask to see under the hood. you ask to see the trunk.

-if you've ever ported out your rear-deck

-if you are out walking with your friends, and you hear a trunk "faarting" and start laughing while your friends are talking about how "loud" that was.

-if you roll your windows down a bit when it's below 30 out just cuz it's LOUDER

-your car audio equipment is only costing you a minimum payment of 20.00 a month plus 19 percent interest for 50 years.

-if you've ever been street beatin, and have been followed by the guy behind you.

-if you've ever been pulled over and harassed for tint, and breaking the 100 ft law, but you aren't sure why they pulled you over.

-if you can justify your tint with "i have stuff to protect"

-if you drive a "feminine car" and your friends don't think so because of the system.

-"turn it down.. i have to burp and it'll hurt"

-you have no inhibitions about making bets with people because you know you can win a "who's louder" contest.

-"that spot of tar on my shoe is dynamat extreme"

-you've ever gotten diahrea due to 20minutes of 20hz at 140db

-you go to parties and don't think the music is loud, the distortion is.

-you know you should have beaten someone racing, but you looked in your trunk and know why you didn't.

-you've ridden in the back seat of car and ducked so you can pull the seat down.

-the sound of a rear view mirror rattling is an aquired taste

-you think its funny because you can rattle the FRONT quarter panals on your car.

-you have a head unit installed in a new car 5 minutes after you buy it.

-when all dynamat can do to help is weigh down your trunk lid.

-you tried to make a subwoofer into a steering wheel.

-your idea of "up front bass" is putting a dd9515 in kickpanals

-"who needs to be able to roll down your windows when you can fit a 12" sub in your door!"

-when you can't find a place to put subs because your trunk is full of amps

-when the accessories for your extra batteries could've made 6months car payments

-when your port is big enough for a 300lb man to roll around in.

-the first thing you take when your house is burning down is the 1000lbs worth of subs

-when enough air fluctuates in your vehicle to smoke a cigarette for you.

-you have to pause your system to get a clear view of street signs

-you've considered mounting jump seats inside your enclosure for chits and giggles

-you have an enclosure big enough to put jump seats in

-when cupping your hands over your ears no longer stops the hurting

-when you say "COOL!! turn it up. i think my fillings are coming loose!"

-you've gotten a 2nd mortgage on your house to cover your system

-when banks sponsor you.

-you have more of one companies equipment than their own demo vehicle

-your idea of funny is waking up your best friends dad to "45 cycles.. BRRRRAAAAP"

-when you first realized that kenford makes a 4000watt calculator strapped to 20lbs of lead.

-you've sacrificed air conditioning to squeeze in an extra alternator.

-when you have more wiring than you can lift.

-you've sacrificed more than one sub to the car audio gods.

-When 6 15's weren't loud enough, so you bought 18 more.

-when you get into a friends car and he dosent have a system so u tap ur foot on the floor just to hear the lil "ummmph"

-when u go the the local car shop 3 times in 1 week to see if your system hase goten louder.

-when you have to go to the local hydro company to get new power and speaker wire.

-when you get your friends to stand outside and u drive off and get them to call you on your cell once they can no longer hear your system.

-When you ask your auto teacher at school to help you install 2 more alternators.

-when all you ask for christmas is gifts certificates for the local car shop.

-when you start to design abc boxes for your home system.

-when u have more that 4 amps taht arnt being used at all

-when you sit down and stare at your car thinking of things to remove to make your car lighter.

-you have pictures of big subwoofers on your wall instead of bikini posters

-you have at least a 12" sub hooked up to your computer speakers

-you have a seperate cd ablum dedicated only for bass cds

-you know what "DB" and "SPL" stand for

-you drive around in the winter with your windows down because it sounds louder

-you wish you could hook up your favorite class D sub amp to your component set

-you dont have or want a component set

-you try to gain weight because you think it will improve your score

-When you understand "Objects in mirror are more stable than they appear."

-When you no longer think of a podeum as a place to conduct a speech from

-When you ask for equal lengths of 8 guage power/ground cable and the shop manager says, "Twuz waiting to see how long it'd take for you to join the club..."

-Memphis is no longer a place, but desired equipment

-CA&E, AS&S, CSR are the only publications you read

-You see a pick-up and try to figure out how long it would take you to cut out the bed, cap, & window

-you attempt to host spl comps in your driveway.

-you succeed at hosting an spl comp in your driveway

-your seat is no longer adjustable and is locked as far forward and straight up as possible, due to the wall.

-you find yourself making movies about a subwoofer's excursion at 20hz with 3000watts

-Your favorite computer game is WINisd

-You never noticed that ebay had items not related to car audio

-You have a folder of subwoofer specs graphs, combinations, box sizes, designs and pictures that you look over in studyhall

-You have a Tuning program on your TI-83 calc and instead of working in class you try to figure out the many dimensions that will give you that PERFECT box

-You get into a vebal/physical fight about ohm loads

-the trunk rattles are no longer a concern because they match the rest of the car

-you can get a bass test stuck in your head all day and hum it continuously

-you refer to the time you have had your subs in some "Relationship" type terms and find it time to "Move on"

-you have nightmares not a dieing, but of having your stuff solen

-you have heard that ugly FLAP FLAP when you have too much power and how too low a tone

-You have friends over regularly because you alone can't lift the 4 foot wide 250 lb.
enclosures you make.

-It takes you months to install your system because you make 10+ enclosures to find that
perfect one.

-Your spare tire is sitting either in your garage or in your backseat.

-You can immediatly recognize a song by its basslines, but don't have a clue what the words are.

-You light matches and lighters in your car just to watch the bass blow them out.

-You have to install performance accessories on your vehicle just to get it to move.

-You buy a vehicle, and make as small of payments on it as possible, so you can get the system payed for and in as soon as possible.

-You make personal challenges with the staff of the local car audio shop.

-You purposely fiberglass in your house, because you want to come home to the smell of it.

-You buy the cheapest and fewest clothes that you can still respect yourself in, so there's more money for the system.

-You can't ever get your system fully installed because after you test something, you want to upgrade by the time your ready for the final touches.

-You have to turn your system down when you eat, because you can't swallow with it all the way up.

-You install an amp for components that is considered way overkill for powering subs by most people.

-you fail geometry but can sketch and find dimensions for a killer ported, bandpass, or abc box..

-everytime you hear sub inside of another word (subterrain, subarctic, subside) your ears stop hearing after the first 3 letters

-when you found out mountain dew's new energy drink was named amp you went out and bought the store's supply out..

-you have more old subs than the german navy

-when watching baseball and you hear line drive you immediately get into argument with
friends over whether audiocontrol or rw line drivers are better...

-when going to buy a television and you see some RCA model that immediately reminds you to get new patch cables...

-you checked the program code to winisd for errors to make sure you're realling getting
maximum possible dbs!!

-you had a friend sit on your trunk while you parking lot pimped so the trunk didn't rattle

-when your muscles get tight you lay on you trunk to shake your body out

-you start cussing because the producer for a song shoulda lowered the frequencies of the bass hits a few more hz

-you go tweak your friends system behind his back to get it to sound good

-you beat on tupperware containers in the kitchen to make bass

-you get acapella versions of your favorite non-bassy songs and program a new drum (bass) beat to them [hey it works sometimes!!]

-you immediately know the frequency of a ported box by hearing it from 50 feet away (whoa!)

-you traded in the family minivan for a CRX

-Your wife left you for that..

-Instead of child support you send your kids used equipment to sell...

-You've attempted to sue an organization because YOU JUST KNOW that their mics were off

-You listen to god awful music just for the bass

-you have a system in which you can replace the port area (containing the port) within 20 seconds from 33 hz to 45 hz to 25 hz, etc etc etc

-All your friends wanna hear their new cd IN YOUR CAR!

-When a new song comes out you immediately can tell who produced it, because of the bass lines

-you have bass on your bass boat...

-you have a bass boat (not the fish)

-you get called to the principal/dean thinking you're in trouble but he wants your advice on a system for his car

-you refuse to listen to music in a public place due to the poor bass reproduction

-you've ever left a club due to the poor bass reproduction...

-when the auto url complete on internet explorer fills in a car audio site starting with each of the 26 letters and 9 numbers...

-your favorites list has over 50 car audio sites (i'll count them later)

-you refuse to listen to non-heavy bass music

-you are on a first name basis with all of the local cops...

-you have never owned an amp you didn't modify to produce more power

-you send out "Merry Xmax" cards instead of Xmas cards...

-you remember Jesus was a carpenter and pray to him that he'll make you one niiiiiice miracle box...

-you laugh at people in the sound magazines hitting high 150s and say "heh, rookies"

-you've ever made people hit the ground when you burped the system going by a group of people

-your neighbors have sued you more than once due to noise pollution..

-you can't park your car in the garage cuz it has all of your projects in the way

-"that 220 amp alternator would be nice, as a matter of fact I'll need 3 sir"...

-You've made a 5 Hz test tone and proceeded to take it to Circuit City to test out the new subs

-you tried to sell your ears on ebay while they are still good

-you make triple copies of every cd due to the high rate of skipping. (wonder why? lol)

-you have more blown amps than functioning.

-your local shop keeps triples of everything you have because of your heavy warrenty use.

-your favorate ported enclosure is the one note wonder box

-you tried to convince your 75yr old grandma to put a system in her car.

-you restrain from having a social life becaues it saves money for the system

-your work boots are 3yrs old and have no sides or bottom, but your amp works =)

-you get an evil smirk when someone new rides in your car.

-you removed your A/C to add an alternator, but there's more than plenty of air movement to make up for it.

-you've attempted to submerge a sub in water because you were told that it gets louder.

-you've attempted to completely seal off your vehicle and fill it with a denser gas, because it gets louder =)

-you can't wait till the police get their sound weapons working so you can have bass wars!

-your desktop has a picture of some car audio product.

-your idea of a "wall" is when you have no subs, but the entire wall moves

-your idea of the perfect amount of amplification for any sub is 2 of the most powerful strappable amps PER coil.

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LMAO i guess im a basshead

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wow... me 2.. i got another one for ur list... u know ur a basshead when u sit here for 30 minutes, actually reading every one of these, lmao... nice list though. l8r

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Hmmmm - too much 2 read them all but from what little i read

GUILTY ! , Your Honor....

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those are hilarious

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Dude that is the longest damn list I've ever even tried to read. You could have cured cancer in the time it took you to come up with that. LOL.

I was laughing my a ss off though.

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Username: Lewass

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"you tried to convince your 75yr old grandma to put a system in her car"

HAHHAHAHAHAA That is me all the way. I'm like the local Bass Promoter. I got 7 subwoofers and I am trying to find a home for 4 of them in various friends cars, so that I can have my bass no matter whose car we ride!

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you fail geometry but can sketch and find dimensions for a killer ported, bandpass, or abc box..

that one was the best for me. and adjusting your friends system.

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Username: Jbump

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I'm a basshead.. "Light lighters and matches to watch the air blow them out" yeah, i've done that alot.. air comes out of every little hole you have in your car from the SPL.. lmao

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that's a big list......but it's me!

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-u stick ur head into a slot port at full blast just to wind up pulling ur head out and saying "CoOOooOL!!!" and it doesnt phase u



-you've ever left a club due to the poor bass reproduction...

did that last, music sucked and the place was full of fat chicks.

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ha, you got me

i am like more than half of that list, minus the really expensive ones like 6 subs and 150db stuff


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haha...yea thats me too

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-Your favorite computer game is WINisd

guilty...yet again...thats prolly one of my favorites :-)

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i definitely know everybody thinks i throw too much money into car audio. im having withdrawal right now waiting to hear my new system that should be completed today.

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2 funny.. good list lol... "you tried to convince your 75yr old grandma to put a system in her car."

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yeppp guilty... guilty guilty guilty....

geeze!!!!! huge list

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whats the balloon trick?

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Username: Killerzracing71

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when you have a ported box an you put ballons in front of the port and make them fly all over the place

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Sh!t, I've got my headphones on now downloading bass tunes to my I pod, lol. I can relate to almost all of those and I am 34,lol. Polo..

PS-My favorite is "-at the slightest sound of bass you run to try and find out where its coming from", ya usually sayng "mannn that sounde like sh!t!", lol. :-O

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lol me too...i still do that when someone with system goes to my cousins house 150-300feet away i run to his house to see the car...and say the same thing like polo that systems suck...they all think there sony amps can make 2400 watts...and it make it even worse when they tell me how much they paid for it.....I work at the hospital and when we left they said they wanted to race knowing i would beat them and since i value my liscence,life, and not gettin in trouble with my parents lets look at evertbodys subs...a guy with 2 12inch mtx sub in a 2001 impala was there an i looked at his it sound good outside till i got in and heard the distorted door speakers(lol) that aint the worst part he told me he paid 1100$ for it all and they are mtx 4500's in a ported box with (I ON KNow whut kinda amp) those 4500's cost 100$ in 2003 dont mean to jack but just had 2 say it..O ima start my own thread on the worst systems u ever seen

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i like this one

"your eyes know how to adjust to blurred mirror vision"

heres another one

"You knowingly enter a gayclub just because it has good bass"

Speak for yourself ANON!198675.jpg

Speak for yourself ANON!

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Username: Safe_cracker

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"You knowingly enter a gayclub just because it has good bass"


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Username: Greeney1888

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^^^ kinda like this guy

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Lol. When you'll sell your wife before you'll sell your system: You're a basshead!

(Definantly the wife before the system...)

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danny...who was the person who posted this?

heres another one

"You knowingly enter a gayclub just because it has good bass

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i'm still laughing
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