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PANSAT 3500 SD bd5
March 14-07 keysmalcom chand1
Need help with DPP and DP lnbs for vs xtreme 2000. losing signal af...Naren S9
292tlroy tipit3
Channels missing on echo61.5?sahr14
How to load Bin file on Fortec Star Ultra?agratru10
LK Please Helprayjen12
DT*V Ph*ase-2 and Ph*ase-3King Tapeman1
Need help with viewsat extreme!!Kinguyen4
Some Channels MissingReddy72
Captive Works 600S . BIN questions????bruce l4
Download ?cartier116
Need help with setupJ B22
Daylight Saving Timecartier13
Buzz ReceiversNalin Nyda4
Need help Pansat 3500SDsarj patel9
Microyal ( Mrx 2000)receiverTravnik5
Cricketplus ...........any info much appreciatedJS6
Opinion on pansat 5000 or 6000Kinguyen3
Think most agree that vs is #1 but who is #2 reciever/support ?Hawaiian_time48
Help Installing Pansat 3500SDKinguyen5
Trouble loading bin on my cw600sReza9
Live Cricket on the net???Reza1
TP's for EchoStar 3 other than LyngSatLK9
CS 4000 pro bin needed!!!LK7
Jtaging 3500 easy procedureRTAP1
Zenega oe KaonDave1
CS 6000 helpshlitz2
I am sorry CANADAStephane8
Not receiving BEVkchang1
Viewsat Extreme Problem - Signal loss and channel skippingJOHN_MCDON27
Thai TelevsionKinguyen2
Get ReadyHawaiian_time6
Captive Works 3000 HDAlbino Midget2
289T, 290T and 292T compared.RKS11
Ariza 700Crow1
Master codes for FTA recievers Doreen8
No 472/455 for me?da-neegha5
Anyone knows to reprogram TSop chip for ariza xtremepsa1
Universl Remote code for Ariza 700psa3
Dishnet and Atmega 128joel madrigal10
ATN Cricket Plus channel in nimiq 2 82.0 WSenatorS8
Dish downjoel madrigal11
New receiver "SeaSat"da-neegha3
which fta reciever is better ?bruce l6
UBC Jim1
Viewsat Ultra 2000 GuideMac1
Viewsat Ultra 2000 HELP!J B2
How to edit Viewsat 2000 xtreme channel list???cartier18
Ayuda para Mvideacartier13
Dish 500 twin lnb setupcartier124
nimiq 2Jennifer7
What does everyone think of bin142?Angie1
Set Your Clocks to King's Clockzulu5
Nascar in carbob whirley1
New File For Pansat 3500F_T_A IS BACK1
CNN ????????????????SatScanner2
I need help! please,please,please...JOHN_MCDON210
Satscanner using cartier nick name JOHN_MCDON24
The admin of this site does not have a right to use our informationJOHN_MCDON24
I got the goods on cartier now !!!JOHN_MCDON29
R it's easy to use anyone nick name to post JOHN_MCDON24
What channels does nimiq packages offerJOHN_MCDON27
Admin will held responsible SatScanner4
New rumours about directHawaiian_time8
Norsat 7500aAlbino Midget2
King's Clock King Tapeman8
Need Help with the uploader for Lifetime UltraViswaa Dure4
USB to RS 232 Cable for Laptop to FortecMasterStylz1
VS PVR 7000 dual tuner setup using DPPPRFRMNJ4
LK I need your help please titif abdou1
The ViewSat Ultra is great, but there is one thing it can't do....Ranjeet Bins2
HDTV WiringKing Tapeman9
Rescanning VS Dirk Diggler1
CS, PS & VS Clones.....Gina2
Where to point a Dishnetwork Dish?King Tapeman8
Help with vortex 7700LK8
Crash on viewsat ultraAudrey2
New to FTA reciever and satLK6
Speed channel?roy mercer1
500 twinCARTIER6
Pansat Clone bins 2500(292T),2700(297v1)3500(3015) are here...dave singh25
Major Problem...Please Help!Stephane16
Help on pantecNalin Nyda2
DTV Antenna and LNBsLK11
Admin will held responsible CARTIER2
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