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Can anyone recommend a HT speaker package for Denon AVR-1802?Jake Childers6
Anyone use JBL for HT speakers?Just some guy3
Speakers for Marantz SR 4200Scott2
Surround sound speakers!!brian3
Paradigm Reference Studio 100 vs Cambridge Soundworks Newton T-500James Holland2
Which Home Theater Speakers?80gJoe9
Kenwood VR-6050 with Bose Acoustimass 6 series III?? (Long)Gandalf2
New system for $2000?po6
Which Cinema speaker package do I choose?htinnovations4
Bose Acoustimass 10David Emerson4
Home theatre package with a budgetAnonymous3
Wharfdale or Mission?Anonymous2
Polk's or BA's with Onkyo?Edward Brush5
Dahlquist Orbit 5.1 speakersAnonymous3
Ask for comparison of Bose Acoustimass10 and Polk RM6700eCoustics6
Best speakers for h/k 320Hawk2
AV Receiver for Energy speakersHawk4
Help please: Which home theatre sub/sat speakers with Onkyo TX-SR701? aniga3
Please advise--good 600W speaker system--HELP ME :(...James Miller3
Cube Speakers - Any Opinions?qdog2
Speaker Recommendationelitefan2
Center or Rear speakers of my DD home theater do not work when pla...Derek4
Need Speakers!Derek2
Fluance AV BP2 Bipolar surround satellitesMr_Mike1
Loudspeakers for Home TheatreAnonymous16
Need sudgestions for new speakers to match integra dtr-7Randy1
Novice from Holland on Mirage OmnisatJarom2
Denmark Speakers helpPete16
Speakers for a Yamaha RX-V1400/Pioneer 565 universal player systemNek Mamitsas1
Klipsch Speakers Reference vs SynergyAnonymous2
Paradigm On-Wall Monitor series ????Anonymous3
Yamaha Vs Marantz and Polk Audio Vs. Energyelitefan2
Best Speaker Match for Denon 1804therealelitefan13
Used Atlantic system 350thx spkrs are they anygood?Anonymous1
B&W 600 series 3 or Axiom Epic 60'sdavid rein3
Home Theater Mag's Speakers of the Yeardavid rein2
Sat vs bookshelf vs towerDave Parent1
Speakers for RXV1400Vijay1
Denon 1604 or 1804 with Mission speakers, help!Daniel Cohen1
Help with speakers for HTMarco Esquandolas2
Mirage omnisatJohn Walker1
Home Theater Speaker Package for Yamaha RX-V2400Maximo3
Receivers for the following B&W packagePradeep1
$800 Challenge - Smaller Speakers, Movie / CD SoundLeigh Mazion6
Home Theater PrizeJames Lee2
JBL HTB or Bose 161s?Taxman7
Best Speaker Package for 3 grandSteve Cottrell28
Outlaw and Aperion match?Berny4
Best Speaker Systems Under $600James Lee3
Opinion with Infinity TSS 750James Lee2
Amplifier James Lee2
Theater Research REAL QuestionDavid Currey3
Bose Cube SpeakersAnthony5
Buying a new surround sound system, need help and opinionsJames Lee2
Buying a new set of speakers for home theater and listened to some ...James Lee2
Monitor Audio Bronze B4James Lee3
Carver TFM-25 speaker matchJames Lee2
Infinity EntraBrett Dulyea1
Def TechBerny2
Athena point 5 mkII vs HSU ventriloquist vt12johnny fulcrum2
JBL Northridgesuperfecta5
Aperion, yamaha, and marantzHawk2
Infinity Primus HCS Vs. Jbl SCS 178James Lee2
Which is the best sub $500 bookshelf?Anonymous1
Decisions . . . DecisionsWalkeye3
Polk 6700 Speaker PackageRandy Stebbins2
Are Home Theater Direct Level III Tower speakers a good low budget ...Luis Gerena1
Polk6700, and VSX-55TXi on the way.Taxman5
Aperion Intimus vs. Ascend CB170s vs. Axiom M3Luis Gerena2
Advice needed to complete my Paradigm systemjohn lund1
Bose AM15 or Infinity HTS20 OPINIONS PLEASE!Steve Obedoza4
Paradigm Monitor 5 vs. Monitor 3 vs. Def tech Studio 350Anonymous1
Speaker system for Yamaha RXV2400Anonymous1
Athena Micra6Taxman1
Athena Point 5 vs Energy EncoreHawk8
Bose Bashing??Discoshrew9
Harman Kardon HKTS 12 vs. Infinity HTS-20fazborg1
Wireless SpeakersKar1
H/K AVR 430: should I replace speakers and start from scratch.John Ramirez1
Downside to Ascend CBM-170's?Walkeye6
Definitive Technology QuestionAnonymous1
Direct Comparison: Paradigm Monitor 3 vs. Axiom m22Berny3
Speakers for Marantz SR-14EXShawn Exner1
Does a Marantz 5300 match with B&W bookshelf speakers?Anonymous1
Is this a good receiver/speaker combo?Berny2
Speakers for Yamaha RX-V1400James Lee3
Yamaha RXV2400 & Paradigm Speakers - Advice PlsBerny2
Axiom M3Ti, Athena AS-B2, NHT SB2 & Aperion 522dBerny4
Technical bose crossoverBerny2
Opinion on Yamaha NS 555/777s and Athena FS2sBerny4
Athena micra VS Energy take 5.2Taxman2
Bookshelf Speakers for Marantz 7400???Anthony Tigero6
HSU Ventriloquist speakers??Taxman1
Energy take 5.2 sat/sub speaker systemM M Miles5
Center and rear surround speakers for Marantz SR5300?Berny16
Yamaha ns-p236 speaker packageFab 55
In-ceiling rear speakersTaxman9
Stupid Question; Speaker Placementjoe savino4
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