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Paradigm studio monitorGavin R. Cumm15
Cube sattelite speakersMonologue3
Powered monitors as speakers? e.g. behringer B2030Ajhall2511
Paradigm OW Monitor 5 Series - opinions neededGavin R. Cumm3
BIC America centers as main speakers?Nuck8
Miss my M22ti's a bitQ13
Theater ResearchBerny3
HiFi in AustraliaMy Rantz14
LCD TV's with Tuners. Why are we paying for these?Jan Vigne3
Frequency Range Help. Timn8ter6
Mac and Thiel does it match?Jan Vigne7
New speaker system.....front and subwayne jablonowski5
Blown tweets in ADS L810....ISO replacementsthe_real_maui6
Setting up counterpoint amp and conrad johnson ampFrosty6
I surrender: Can you please help me?Nuck16
What about rosa?Timn8ter2
Mirage Omnisat v2 FS LoudspeakersGavin R. Cumm2
Speaker on ipodGavin R. Cumm3
What about Electrostatic speakersGavin R. Cumm8
Swan Speakers ???Jan Vigne3
New Speaker Wire and ConnectorsNuck41
MartinLogan ReviewedSteven R. Rochlin1
Anyone heard Celestion F30's or Wharfedale 8.3?Karin K9
Reasonable dealer discount?Elderion20
How to hook up shelf system and dvd player?paul sleight3
Alegria Audio EMMAS: Edster's takeJan Vigne53
How can I find out my speakers impedance ?Gary Forrest7
Why would I NOT want a pair of CMT-340 SE's???Dakulis112
Plz need help on taking florstandersMoskalyk Miroslav1
Floorstanding WAR.Gavin R. Cumm13
Will my Yamaha RX-Z9 reciever properly power a new pair of Cerwin V...Jan Vigne29
Advice on small speakers, what's out there besides Bose?Monologue20
Speakers for Nad C352Frank Abela8
Which speakers........?Ken Yasafusa22
Scheherazade as told by EmmaNuck18
Suggestions for a New Audio system for 6K$ZiggyZoggyOiOiOi28
Alegria Ling or Ascend CBM 170SE for old receiverEdster92211
I know they're "White Van", but how do they do this???Anonymous18
I Am Sitting in a RoomNuck2
New House, same speakersJ.R. T.4
Hooking 1 punch2 15" (500watts/250rms) to A home receiver(sony550wa...Berny2
Efficient bookshelfPeter Galbraith8
B&w 605s2 vs b&w 604s3jeff mannoia1
DLS vs. CDT vs. Diamond vs. MB QuartNicholas Obando6
Best portable 2.0 speakers for under £20?Jelvis3
Decorrelation?Jan Vigne2
DaliPhilip Marcussen6
Axiom or???Nuck15
Help with Dynaudio 4.1 systemBvan2
Underpowering speakers or not, little bit confusing?Jan Vigne13
Complete systemGavin R. Cumm5
Speakers for NAD CD Player/Amplifierca_convert7
Which center for Dyna 52'sLhendong3
Speaker Brand RecommendationsGavin R. Cumm28
JMLab716S or B&W602.5 S3 or Infinity Primus 360 - Hawk, speaker exp...Tawaun A.Williams21
Best speakers for college studentEdster92241
My Center Speaker Sounds Like Bad "AM" Radio!Gavin R. Cumm11
Dedicated Music System for 2000-3000 dollarsNuck14
Rear speakers for my Onkyo TX-DESR603X recieverEdster9224
QUICK QUESTION! Should rears match surround speakers in a 7.1 setup?Timn8ter4
I need advice on speakersJan Vigne2
Whats better Paradigm, B&W, or Definitive Mythoskamran siddiqui5
Newbie Needs Advicectanaka16
Combining A+B for better performance?Jan Vigne2
In need of speaker adviceJan Vigne6
Help setting up Sony Dream System DAV-FX80 Berny2
Great speakers but no subwoofer power sourceJake becker5
Amplifier/speaker capabilities??Chris Ashcraft3
Alegria Audio Myra speakers ???Dakulis5
Advice for HT setupEdster9229
Speaker Mounting PlateJan Vigne4
5.1 setup for under $7000khsuzs4
Tannoy T185Jan Vigne4
Cerwin Vega V-12F's, EQ settings/PowerTyler18
Bose Acoustimass-7 and new rear speakersChris2
Nad c 320bee & B&W 602s3 how far can you go?ca_convert18
Speaker location and type for this roomMy Rantz2
B&W 603 s3 / 604 s35143293
Help a newbie...Paco Tilla1
Rookie needs help with new equipmentRaj Patel11
KEF vs MISSIONJan Vigne2
Focal JMLab 816STommy Jenkins7
Can anyone identify these speakers?ctanaka11
Spendor S6E / B&W 704 Has anyone compared these?My Rantz10
Need help with buying LOUD speakersMike Zbreski9
Need SMALL speakersjoe from akron17
"final" electrostatic speakersGavin R. Cumm2
Question for Jan VigneJan Vigne19
How do these speakers look?bayless_is_gone10
Cabinet building questionsTimn8ter2
Kef 104ab cable connector nutsNotamember7
Close to a decision (finally)Jeff Moody3
Thank You to all Ecoustics posters.Scott Bates8
Swans speakersT2T7
Can I "warm" my M22ti's with different speaker wire?T2T13
Velodyn Subwoofer or Definitive Tech Supercube-III ? Berny4
Speakers for a Yamaha recieverB Sanderson1
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