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Red Bull FansJamie21
Chris StilesThieves1
Can an L5 or an L7 get louder than a W7 ported?Chauncey Brown40
Could two new 10" jl w6v2 compare to three oldschool w6 12" subs?...andy d17
Going gold!! what did u learn???Polo40
Amp settingsNick S.20
12" CVRs AMP help...YT22
SI MAGTrey AKA thug money9
Atomic AmpsJK32SHO8
Zenon amps??Steve Miller7
Where To Buy?Michael John8
New alpine technology..what do you thinkMark Fantini9
Could 3x20A fuses possibly = 800w ...Joey DeSalvo5
Colby's 4 15" Havoc VidsColby52
DD Pricing on 2500 seriesC. Reming29
RCA Input Output IDK what to title thisM.S.13
Help w. The System :-)...Michael John5
American bass vfl 150.1????M.S.23
Subs in this Unique Whip??Yanks Fan11
Gains and dmmsM.S.5
New box pics in blowthrutreo39
Good trade or notJoshua Moye8
Can anyone design me a box ill paypal a lil cashMJ23dynasty16
Box design.. How much?Gavin15
My New System, Wiring And Help PleaseMichael John5
Lost a bit of bass ?sean12
Thank You.Zpeedy McLovin11
MOSFET helpZpeedy McLovin15
Stuffbrad f13
OT: Face platetreo13
******Should I buy This???******...Nick S.51
Question about gainM.S.5
$350 Kicker ZX1500.1 Chad Lee5
Sub ?Chad Lee3
Random stuffSanta_Fe9
Low depth subwoofers!!![...Rovin...]11
Packing ideaCharles S.9
Confused on flared portsChris Stiles1
Quick Question - Please helpNo Limit Soldier5
Please helpNo Limit Soldier14
OT: Kenwood 7100?anthony crowden2
SQL....Nick S.56
Overated>>??Nick V24
Power acoustik FUBARalien5
Threader.....Chad Lee25
********subwoofer question***********...Sinful Systems Inc.©3
Paul LarreaPaul Larrea15
***SUBWOOFER Wiring Question***Paul Larrea18
Poppin noise?Sinful Systems Inc.©19
Soundstream LilWonder5Govmint Cheese11
Get back at someone...Berny36
OT: 1999 Ford Explorer Helpalien5
Oh the stupidityP. rick6
FI car audio Phone number nick high8
Orion 2500dMark Scafetta12
TC sounds might be out of businessSomeDonnieDude21
Saz-2000d vs md2ddenim21
Elevation audioMark Scafetta6
Setting your gain for a speaker ampGovmint Cheese5
Jus sold my ehq's for 150 bucksBrad Warren18
(4) 18" subs in escaladeRayRay24
Ipod help. keeps stallingKeith2
**Amp DEBATE**Chris Stiles9
2007 USAmps Merlin Class D AmpsChris Stiles90
Who had or has a HiFonics Amp??????Nick S.8
Shot a Video TodayNick S.37
Need Ideas on wiring subs to amp[...Rovin...]7
JL 8W0Naledge11
Correct settings on amp?nickyp02196
How much?phil5
What do you guy think?BernyMac4
Eclipse SW7200 or..........?????MJ23dynasty16
1 12" FI Q HItting 140+ db?sean11
I have 2 12's leftscott s3
For sale:premier 590ibBen6
Earthquake MagmasChris Smith11
Pics of new boxsean30
10 Fi QTerry Fong7
Scott Sscott s2
2 12'sMJ23dynasty28
HiFonics Amps ....yea or nea???M.S.5
OT: in car neonM.S.5
Subs up ports up box?SomeDonnieDude5
Sub Seng8
Opinons on this pioneer setup.M.S.5
Audiobahn... any advice?M.S.23
Droping 1 voltM.S.12
Your systemM.S.8
Canaan...I need help bro..American Pit Bull Te2
I need help PLEASE.....Amp & subs QUESTIONNick S.15
WHAT NOW!Santa_Fe7
Final box helpPaul Larrea23
I want to SEE how MUCH db's I haveSanta_Fe26
I think i messed up help plsP. rick6
HEEEELLPPP lolz[...Rovin...]2
Finally got it narrowed downMark Scafetta33
Need and ampBen4
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