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2000 dollars for a system!!!True Story29
Vmaxes on ebayTerry640516
Testing for clippingjames shlong10
JL 15w0?Tyler5
Light On DashYoung James11
Please help Rovin or somebody...TJ5
Im building a box right now QUICK question[...Rovin...]4
Ok I need help!![...Rovin...]21
8 inch RE RE used for midbass? Wucha think?[...Rovin...]9
I gotts a qweston?DJcrazy1
ROE VideoB39
Weird designs - benefits? (i.e. (12) 8 inch RE RE's - etc)...cody t10
JL 12w3 v2 d2 amp?cody t2
Need help, sub makes rattling noise for no apparent reasonRJ H1
What would?Alan1
JL 12w3 v2 d2 amp?ucfsaxman4
AMP FOR SALE KX600.1 nick6
Alpine's fit in custom box?Drew Heiling6
JL audioBrandon6
PLEASE help me choosekklagge12
Impala SSnick5
Building my first box this weekend, some questions.SW91528
Wood vs FiberglassBrandon7
Ascencant Arsenal subs Tyler19
PLEASE HELP can I run (2) 2ohm dvc subs at 2 ohm loadbassman35
What is a safe Hz for a 15" L7 in 3.0 cubic w/ kicker KX2500.1 amp...BrAd GiLmAn5
!!!!!===A Pair Of Havocs===!!!!!Colby8
Plexiglass box?Trevor Eaton8
What do you guys think of these?SW91529
The Teal-mobile (cant get bragging area to work)Darren M20
Subs For Sale!Maxx25
Anybody heard of this?joe22
Just second skin damplifier...bassman33
Im so lostSteven Sudzina8
All new subs ampsDarren M8
Only little sound from the subwooferGreeney18887
Ported or sealed??? what is the bestLewass4
$700 for a systemTravisJ11
2 JL 10w6v2 good deal?Brandon6
Ford F 150 ext cabjDubb3
Hifonics subsjames3
No help in speaker section...BJ15
Need help finding sub infoBJ1
Last battery question!!!! EXPERTS neededSeth Lowe7
Subs for a Honda CivicEseEsai16
Its gone...[...Rovin...]23
Hearing damage/ear ringingPimp8
What do you think will happenDustin13
Dissapointed.. bad install?D P W49
Best for price?NOL1M1TSOLD1ER2
SX15 boxTerry64058
Measuring Aeroports......Trevor Eaton12
Alternators and power?Paul8
10 inch subs JL 10w6v2?tafkam7
8" Canton Comp set... Good for the $?mixneffect5
How to hit around 145roberto rosales18
Mofo and Duel?NOL1M1TSOLD1ER3
What is a snailshell box?Tyler15
Grownd wire?NOL1M1TSOLD1ER4
Ohm question?James Longo2
Hooking up subwoffer inside?WrEaK HaVoC2
Box size?Dustin7
MA AudioCasey Wood3
2 ohm or 4 ohm?Dustin7
What kinda subs should i get?Lewass43
Bass Box Pro 6Wahl2
Orion 275 g4marshall white2
HiFi Sound ConnectionsCameron8
Rms queastionjake papa4
Big 3 upgrade in Cutlass SupremeJosh Stotts3
AMP FOR SALE KX 600.1nick8
Just got my 2 12" Re Se's[...Rovin...]7
SiLvErAdO sYsTeMJoseph Kubiak9
HaVoCmarshall white3
Clif DesignsLoc_out7
RE XXXProks1
What are "Cheater amps"Isaac6
Covering my sub boxnick2
Which amp is better for a 13w7: fosgate's t1001bd or the jl 1000/1...nick25
SQ Subsmikechec911
VS??jon doe2
How much db'sssssjon doe7
Fusion PowerPlant or Type RNOL1M1TSOLD1ER19
Subs pop at high volume?Matt Kitzis4
Someone build me a box!!! Greeney18882
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