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I have a system now but it sucks to me 2 kenwood subs with 2 kenwood amps and a kenwood 911 dvd tv. I got an estimate for $6000 for 2 12w7s 2 jl 1000.1 amps $450 included for insurance $500 for dynamat 250 included for materials and 1000 included for custom work on a fiberglass box. does this price sound right or am i getting ripped off

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sounds like your getting Ripped way off... unless hes lineing your whole car With Dynamat it's not gonna be worth 500$ for dynamat..and service... .... 450$ for insurance? WTF?

your saying your paying 3800 for 2 subs and 2 amps that would could get for like $600-800 online!!!!!

go beat him down with a shovel and break a toothpick off in his eye!!!!!

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Well I know around here if you bought it from an authorized dealer thr `13w7's are $899 or $999 and the 1000/1 are $999. Now for the 1000 on teh fiberglass box, is that your idea or theres?It would be much cheaper just to build mdf to jl specs. if it is an authorized dealer then why would you buy the warranty?

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ive seen the 13w7 for 799 one needs that much dynamat and 1000$ for a box. need i even say anything?

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Well JL doesn't offer warranty's through them from online buyers. Dynamat is really expensive but for the price you quoted it seems like the were going to do the whole car. What kind of car do you have? And Maxx what type of box did you find for $1000?

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yeah thats pretty damn high. and if you are having them do the install, then definally don't buy any insurance since it'll be covered through JL anyway. waste of money.

where are you getting this stuff done at??

also, the fiberglass enclosure is prob whats seriously jacking up the price.

from hifi buys here, these are the prices that stuff goes for:
JL 1000/1 - $999.99 a piece (online - $700)
JL 12W7 - $749.99 a piece (online - $400
Dynamat Bulk Pack - $249.99 (online - $125)
total - $3749.95 (onilne - $2325)

install all depends, but i wouldn't pay $1000 for a fiberglass box unless i just had the money to burn or i was going for a show car. MDF box shouldn't cost but like $200 if you have them do it or $20 if you do it, lol.

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where are you talking about that you can buy a jl 12 w7 online for 400???the cheapest that i have seen it on a buy it now auction is for just under 500 and then you have to add shipping which an extra 45 or so. your price quote is accurate on the 1000/1 tho. i just bought 2 12 w7's for 750. that was through a friend of mine and used. if they went for 400 i would have bought new, but they aren't. just thought i'd throw that in there

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Wow...for a $6000 budget I'd get a REALLY nice set of comps (SEAS, Rainbow, Dynaudio, Diamond etc), 2 good amps like Zapco/Arc Audio/Orion/Eclipse...and a really nice pair of 15" subs from Stereo Integrity/Boston Acoustics/RE/Ascendant/Adire/IDMax and still have several thousand left over after building the box and deadening. I'm not sure what they are charging so much money for...MDF sounds good to me as well.

If it were me I'd get a better breakdown of what each item is costing from them but I KNOW I'd never pay $6000 for that type of setup.

That all said...if you do decide to pay should sound really nice and show us some pics of what it all looks like. :-)

But'd be well advised to do some more shopping around because you can make your money go a lot farther than that even if you do want to stick with JL.
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