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P3 or t2taylor173
Alright its between these 2taylor177
$1000 for Sub/Amp taylor174
Pics of my 4 Cvr 10s and Xtant 1001 XAymond Greenlee8
How loud will 2 alpines be?Anonymous2
System recommendationstaylor172
Dumb but??? W7 Surround?GlassWolf4
Visonik V112D4 12" Dual 4 Ohmspikeshp3
Best 15"robert d r d r d11
12'' sub in closed enclosure?? taylor172
Wiring questiontaylor172
Whats better than mtxtaylor172
Anyone heard SX and X.X.X.Doug Zator16
Just ordered...marshall white7
Wat kind of amp?MuddyWaters3
MB Quart PWE 252kklagge1
Question on using 2 amps to 1 dvc sub...mikechec95
Looking for loud reliable 5 1/4 components for good price Vic Trivette1
What amp should I use for XXX?DR MAX23
Word of the week: PWM (pulse width modulation)mikechec93
Alt questionShawn2
Alpine type X mikechec911
Enclosure specs and measurementsJustin Karr1
Someone messed upRob Fox12
Soundsplinter for sale?Ryan2
Whats the best subwoofer under $300 Ebay pricingRyan7
Dynamat question plz anyone!eddie Tavarez3
What's better than a W7?MuddyWaters17
Should i trust my local car audio shop with my SEjake papa2
Who has new Type R's?Kahren Aydinyan4
BANDPASS???? help me plzMuddyWaters3
Check this out. What do you think?I.C.E.manV28
Which would be better a power acoustik mofo 15 or a kicker compvr 1...I.C.E.manV28
PLZ help me guys on this.....!!!!1I.C.E.manV26
Too much power??I.C.E.manV22
1 sub firebird88bird4
Subwoofer acting weirdTyler Durden3
Decibels?????????scuba steve10
Kickercvr boxes?Aymond Greenlee4
Size of wire for subwoofersIsaac2
How to tune a porthar-har-har2
Happy...has to do with sportsWahl5
Tuning my amp. need it to be perfect. need help form sean, glass, j...sean3
Need help tuning ampbrandon allen4
Alpine Subs?Quick Shot 4ever6
Kickercvr boxes?joe sbrizzi1
What Is The Loudest Setup You Have Heard(in DB's)?Rovin7
Does the amp make a difference in sq?GlassWolf13
Updated subwoofer calculatorbeerman_accelerator-1
MTX Thunder 6000 12" INFO NEEDED!chris8
New Forum?Jake Hill11
What type of box do I need?mrlettucehead7
Adire Audio Brahma vs RE XXXJace Edlund3
Theft proofMike Murphy26
RE SE?Michael Anthes4
What do YOU want me to buy?MuddyWaters13
Slanted Slot PortsEnvelopeHead1
1 alpine type r????Shawn P7
Box size&SQJonathan4
WiringBryn Mountford2
Help ChoosingPokerface3
Just wondering what you would think this would beJoe Smoe5
How does amping a W7 work?Simon J Casey11
PLZ help me n give suggestions.....pikeshp1
HU problems please helpPride823
Looking for ground-shaking bassjon7
Best boxMichael Anthes8
Sealed or ported?jon6
Quick instal question...Michael Anthes5
Amp defective? plz helpeddie Tavarez3
How does the Basslink/Basslink II sound? Worth buying>?Mikey H4
Question for glasswolfGlassWolf2
88100 or SWR-1242DSubfanatic2
Recommended Subs?MO9
Bazooka nos8a tubesGlassWolf12
Could someone explain to me cancellation?GlassWolf2
Info Needed!!!!!Wahl4
Wiring retardsjoseph phillips11
To all gold membersUltimate Post Ho11
Stereo vs. MonoMuddyWaters9
Sealed box help pleaseJason Lee6
How about this in a single cab F-150?Wahl2
Soundsplinter vs RE SEdraco476
Sub QuestionWahl2
Noobie who needs help 1 stupid questionscott DeBaker10
If you had to buy a Pyle, Pyramid, or Volfenhagscott DeBaker19
REALLY REALLY weird question. Anonymous28
Infinity 12" Subwoofer (1230W) Info Needed?Anonymous5
Alpine vs InfinityAnonymous32
Tough Decision, Kicker L7'sWahl7
I need an ampMike Loudon3
12" cerwin vega vs. 12" kicker solobaric s12dMuddyWaters2
Pricing and RMS on RE SXmarshall white11
2 typeR or 1 typeXRyan31
Dynamat WorkoutAnonymous25
Should i trust the local audio store employees?ron9
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