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Now how good are the the XXX ?GlassWolf6
Firewall?Michael Anthes10
Mp3 softwaresJuelz8
I understand this is wrong section, but can you help outThrush7
Noise ordinance for Illinois??Lil Chris5
BOX- Sub or anyone esle good with plansThrush2
<LOOK DOWN> previous Thread VERY IMPORNTANT (more thump = bigger ...Josh Miller2
Anyone ever heard of Alpine MG-1912 12" 1000w subs?Jack2
4 channel amp+subwoofer output NEED HELP FINDING ONEJack3
For all the box expertsKnacko13
Sound DampeningKnacko11
Box Specs right???Benny Boy10
New sound ordinance in Florida, take a look at this...Subfanatic29
Porting Question...Subfanatic4
Infinity BasslinkGlassWolf6
Which is a better subSubfanatic5
I HAVE 2 600 Watt RMS DVC SUBS will this amp work?Subfanatic2
Ported box seem right ?Dave Richer5
How to tune BOXThrush5
(1) 15" Brahma or (2) 15" Tempeststempests???8
HEY!!! READ "I need EVERYONE's help on this" IMMEDIATELY!!!...Sean Gibson4
Earthquake amp PHD10000w Jake Hill2
Quick opinionAnonymous7
Looking for L5 to buy: check it..Justin11
Man this is crazy...sean13
calculation questionsShawn M7
Building a box for a kicker compAnonymous3
Ppl with experience with computers and stuff neededCompluva9
Best sub for 600 watts rmsJoe Smoe6
Good sub with low box volumeJoey Ingle4
What are some good dimensions for a box...Dave Richer3
New Subs Amp recommendationDave Richer3
Question about car speakersGlassWolf19
Just returned my IDMAX - which sub would be a good alternate choice?Sean Gibson14
Which amp...nocc1n4
MATRXX AudioMichael Anthes3
Kicker L7 15 vs RE MT 15DareDevil14
Audiobahn subs??Michael Anthes5
Q. for amp spaceBassManMIke9
Neeed help with "T" slotported boxREDSKIN9
Ok new systemApocalypse4
XX Goliath is it any good?DareDevil3
Watts UP?David stevens14
DD Mid-Year product release!!!!!DareDevil1
Ported Box.. Help....Shawn M6
What beats L7'sMichael Anthes16
What should I get...Subfanatic9
Avalanche 15 or 2 JL 12w6v2's ? ? ?MO6
If solobarics have weak points then ....Compluva8
Kicker CVRMike35
Finally doneCompluva2
Is It Possible???Tyler Moncrief22
What is xmax?GlassWolf3
Ported box.Anonymous5
Best 10 inc sub for sq and spl and has to be sealedKnacko10
Need Help Bass Man6
RF subs : 2 P3s vs. 1 T2 xdrummer0322
Hey GlassGlassWolf3
Anyone ever remember these?GlassWolf4
Box builder near Cleveland, OhioCompluva10
Saw and heard the LOUDEST system ive ever heard todayDoug Zator18
Dd or brahma?Compluva2
Infinity Perfect 12dvqChris Klein2
I got my Avalanche 15" finally!!mixneffect36
Box for atlasdustin pettit2
Question about distortion... (glass or someone help plz)GlassWolf15
Better sound quality setupKyle9
RE 18" XXXGlassWolf11
Whos smarterBassManMIke43
Bigger or smaller?Joe Smoe3
Did I Get a good Sub?blankenship12
Survey survey survey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cuspid fo life1
Popping Eardrums!Anonymous2
Recommended Enclosure MeasurementsTyler Moncrief5
Audiobahn ALUM12NShane McNamara8
Songs That Have Great BasslinesJuelz29
Audiobahn vs AlpineJuston6
Will this box is ok for an IDQ 12 v2?Naras3
I just dont get it anymoreGlassWolf4
Does more subs mean louder system?GlassWolf14
Ashamed!Jimbo Jones23
Good Budget SQ SubDave Richer3
Audiobahn vs AlpineMaxil2232
Powerbass subs any good ?Subfanatic4
A friend of a friend said.....taylor1713
Good place to download music.taylor1742
Amp push a JL 15w3taylor174
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