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Is the rockford fosgate team rf 15" ant goodGlassWolf4
Would do you guys think of this?GlassWolf4
Speaker orientationREDSKIN10
Find me this...ThatGuyYouKnow1
Sub blown!chas d10
Ported Or Sealed for 2 15" Audiobahn ALUM15Q GlassWolf5
Bass TubeGlassWolf2
Glasswolf or derick or bothGlassWolf6
Same Old Newbie QuestionMichael Bates2
I am the Glasswolf! .GlassWolf8
Jl 13 w7GlassWolf6
Thankyou Glasswolf!GlassWolf2
Ported box for Audiobahn AW1208Tphil tummiania15
Blueprints for 2000 standard cab silverado boxAnonymous1
Wiring questionGlassWolf2
Kicker L7 or L5 15?loud and low3
Power hx2 15" vs. solobaric l7 15"Jeremy Hancock5
Need help with batteries and alternatorsGlassWolf4
Pioneer Subs THUMP. (period)MAORI BOY113
35.1 RE ampGlassWolf2
Coustic BP124 eV1L1
Alpine vs JLGlassWolf15
Kappa Perfect 12/1d / BP 300.1GlassWolf2
DB meter or somthingGlassWolf2
Possible Blown fuse?andrewb5
LOUDER THAN 2 S15L7??matt5
What sub u think is bestballer4
Good sub for low wattage amp.Anonymous1
8 Ohm sub and cheap Xplod amp...GlassWolf6
How loud do you think my system is (db,spl)GlassWolf2
"Free-air use"---anybody ever done this?GlassWolf4
Good sub for low wattage amp.GlassWolf3
Sub box plansandrew wallace25
Need help changing the ohms or oems or whateverGlassWolf3
Pyramid imperial subs?Bird0813231
Boxssalvatore lositto1
No CD bass through my subGlassWolf2
Infinity speakersGlassWolf5
Do I really NEED a sub? 18 Hz versus 50 Hz?GlassWolf6
2 13 w7 158DB ?Keith P Revella14
Coupler??daniel stan1
Adire audio question? GlassWolf10
Fact about the Solobaric L7 15"yhammack7
1.75 cu ft vented box for my S12L5???PLEASE HELP!!!yhammack2
Advice for pyramid sub userits_bacon125
RF HE2 Vs Kicker Comp vrGlassWolf7
Alpine type r's ported or sealed?yhammack11
JL 12W7 and 500/1borikua3
Which sub is better??yhammack5
How are Cuspid amps and subs?GlassWolf56
One 10W7 two 10W6v2 or something else?its_bacon129
Infinity Kappa 120.3DVC...what u think GlassWolf20
Kicker 12" L7....baller6
MTX ROAD Thunder 10" or Power Acoustik DFC 10"Mack7
Which would be louder ???matt1
Which amp should I get????????its_bacon1212
Kicker L5 solobaric 12 or mtx 9500 12??its_bacon122
What frequency should I tune my ported box for a S12L5???GlassWolf14
15 Brahma or JL Audio 13w7Jason Byrd11
2 Alpine 12" type "R"subs good or bad.typer ina VW golf72
Sub and amp combowk17751
Q: about polyfilldaniel stan1
JL 1000/1 and 2 ShivasGlassWolf5
Hey glasswolf(and others interested), jus want to show you my updat...GlassWolf4
Need an opinion on two subsRG4
The best systemjordan foreman1
Building a Box for 2 JL 10W6v2 subs???GlassWolf8
JL 15W3GlassWolf11
Truck setupwk17751
What's better (Kicker compVR or Audiobahn 300watt)???att: glasswolf...GlassWolf7
What should i get for this budgetAnonymous10
JL subsits_bacon125
2 12's or 1GlassWolf12
---2x 1 cubic foot sealed enclosures--its_bacon124
Alpine Type R 12" or Phoenix Gold Titanium Ti 15"its_bacon122
Enclosure size, downward vs. horizontal firingedster9221
How do I make my subwoofer workAnonymous1
Question for GlassWolfGlassWolf3
Questions About Sound System(Glasswolf)Leo6
Tell me what you guys thinkHydro5
Custom 32" subwoofer for saleThatGuyYouKnow45
New guy needs systemGlassWolf4
MTX 9515???JL-W713??GlassWolf12
12W7 or 12W7-3kkmike4
12W7 sealed or slot portedGlassWolf2
How do i get my subwoofer to work?jay amaro6
Can i hook up 2 4ohm subs to a 2 channel ampGlassWolf3
Thump any Good?its_bacon1212
Will the JL 12W0 be enough?Hydro2
Blownjay amaro10
Need help about my Alphasonik subjay amaro2
2 subs and 1 channel what?Neophyte4
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