How do i get my subwoofer to work?


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How do I make a Pyramid Super Blue #PW1254US Subwoofer work
Like what do i need to use to get it to work.
List items
i don't really know much about subwoofers
i want to hook it up to my computer or my dvd player. something like that.

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thats a pretty broad question. youll need a enclosure for the sub and an amplifier. your running in doors so a car audio amp doesn't work well unless you have a battery handy. also you will prob want to run the sub in a sealed box to the size list in the specs.

sounds like you dont know shi t! Are you talking about car stereo or home? Sounds like you need to get drunk and wallow in your retardedness

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hi steven and ok well thats a pretty simple matter and in this line of work i have to do stuff in the field and i use a booster pack and my laptop and an amp to test and drive subwoofers in someone elses car when im trouble shooting or testing sound acoustics inside a vehicle.
so in short this can be done but while your sound card in your computer would be a great source for a signal it lacks any amplifier circuitry so that leaves you with only a few options.
most likely you will need a few additional components now as for your dvd player id use a 3.5mm stereo phono plug to dual rca cable (you need to buy 2 of these) which you should have no trouble getting at radio shack, walmart etc. and run that from your dvd player into your computers sound card into the audio in jack (this is where the 3.5mm phono plug will go) and provided your dvd player has rca outs which it should and they will be red and not use yellow.
now you will need something to take the processed audio signal from your sound card and and you will use another cable and use the line out on your sound card and it would be even more ideal if you had a 4 channel sound card but since you specifically asked about your subs ill address that only and now take the second phono plug set and go from your line out on the sound card to the rca's which you will need to plug into a small amp that has a built in xover.
now to power the amp if you know a bit about electronics you can use a "wall wart" that is 12-14 volts and enough amperage which you may have one lying around from an older flatbed scanner, printer, word processor etc. many of those older devices used pretty high amperage or even a laptop ac to dc adaptor works but any of those can only power a small amp but you shouldnt need much of an amp maybe a good 10 to 20 watts should be fine and then if you cant cobble something together for power then you'll need to buy a a/c to dc convertor also radio shack but they aren't too cheap about 30 to 60 plus the amp you'll need.
and then hook your sub to your amp and thats it!
your mp3's plus movies will have some sub bass and your computer can tailor and process the sound using any program you like or use.
as for the amplifier section to your project also remember the bigger amp you try to use the larger the transformer and price so its best to keep it small and you wont need nearly as much watts in a house as you would need for car but if you feel like making it yourself you can make the amp and buy a small "wall wart" power supply for it which should be just fine for one sub.
if you are comfortable with a little soldering and want to learn some electronics this might be fun...
you can oder and build your own amplifier for under $16
it is part # 136207CD from jameco
and the a/c adaptor it needs is part # 100095CD and its only $3.95

hope that helps but its similiar to what i do with my laptop and can be done very easily, have fun.


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alright, seince these ppl are car crazy and wont help you with your indoor question, all you have to do is get a tuner, thats simple, i had it running my 2 ssubs in my room (yes 2 subs in my appartment room) any way if its just ur comp you easly make ur sub make good sound wit winamp its just that ez, my tuner is about 70wt per channel (standard) and ull crank enoff bass for those movies like Black Hawk Down to scare the shizzle outa pants, well my setup does...

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hello and yes a tuner would do it and if he wants to go that route then it might be best to explain how...
if you use a tuner or a/v reciever you would still use the same type of cable i mentioned above and run it from your line out on your sound card of your computer and into maybe the AUXilary or the tuner/reciever and as for your dvd you would use a rca male to rca male cable pair to go from the audio out on your dvd player and into another audio in on the tuner/receiver and from there you can control them that way.
however depending on the type, brand and size of reciever/tuner you get it may not do so well with a 4 ohm load and home stereos are designed for a 8 ohm load which may not be so good for the amplifier chips and one final thing to make note of is recievers/tuners are designed to send FULL range amplified signals to the drivers which may not be the best thing for your subs and it will send frequencies they were never designed for.
if you only want sub bass i would contact pyramid and buy a choke of the proper microhenries and wire that inline with the positive lead of your sub to keep high frequencies from going to it and if you do use a reciever/tuner you can use a power resistor or another sub in series to get a 8 ohm load which will be home amplifier friendly.
anytime i see something wired into the wrong ohm load or drivers being used outside their frequency range they were designed for i have to say it scares the shizzle outta my pants!! :P
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