What's better (Kicker compVR or Audiobahn 300watt)???att: glasswolf


I am looking to get a pair of tens to put in the box under the back seat of my truck....
each sub will have a .75 cu ft chamber
what subs are better...the Kicker compVR 10's or the Audiobahn Natural sound 10's????

both are 300 watts RMS but the kicker says it needs a .8 cu ft chamber per sub.....will it hurt to put it in a .75 cu ft chamber????

thnks for any help you can give me......!

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go with the kicker compVR, audiobahn or audioblah as GW says, sucky with their chromed out ineffecient power hungry big magnet crap, stick with a real company, or something better atleast

i made the mistake of getting an AW1208T, 3000w max 12 inch sub, i ran 1200wrms to it from the BP1200.1 and the voice coils completely fried on me and all that was left was melted copper and the kapton former lol...piece of junk

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I'd go with the CompVRs, yes.
use polyfill in sealed boxes at .75cu ft each and you'll be fine for the slight volume shortage.

glasswolf....i already have a KX600.4 and the audiobahn 300 watts subs...yea...i'm the same guy that asked about that match up in another thread...
am i better off getting two CompVR's (dvc 2 ohm) to match the KX600.4 or a JBL BP600.1 to match the audiobahns???

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Kicker has good amplifers
JBL has good amplifiers
Kicker has good subs

Audiobahn, I'd sell and use the money to get something decent.

ok glasswolf...
i'm getting rid of the audiobahns and getting a pair of compvr 10's (dvc 2 ohm) for the KX600.4. And prolly a 200 amp alt. if i add more stuff...

oh...and do you work at an audioshop???if so where are you located...may drop by some time...pick some stuff up in the future...


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I used to work for a shop, yes.
I no longer do, and am now self-employed in another field.

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