"Free-air use"---anybody ever done this?


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"A free-air system consists of woofers mounted to a board attached to the rear deck or placed in the trunk against the rear seat. The trunk of the car acts as an enclosure which houses the subwoofer and isolates sound from the back of the speaker, solving the sound cancellation problem of subs without an enclosure.

Free-air systems save space and have flat frequency response. The woofer must be specifically designed for free-air use. The lack of a box makes them more convenient to install, but their power handling levels are usually much lower than their boxed counterparts."

Interesting. I'm wondering about it since I have very little space behind the front seats of my extended cab Nissan truck. Also, I don't blast rap or techno music, so I don't really need wall-shaking bass.

Has anyone here ever tried this, or known anyone who has?

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done quite a few
they work.. but not that well.
they usually sound like crap, and for one to really work properly it needs a LOT of power.. it turns the entire trunk into a large enclosure.

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"...for one to work it needs a LOT of power"

sigh, that's what I was afraid of...

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oh, you have a truck, too. can't go free-air.
they need the space behind the subs separated from the front side of the subs.. thus using a trunk that's essentially sealed as the "box"
in a truck cab you don't have that luxury.
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