Need help changing the ohms or oems or whatever


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i have 2 12" rockford fosgate speakers... on a simple 200 watt amp. i need help wiring up to add oems or ohms or whatever with just speaker wire?

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do you even know what ohms are? ohms are the impedence of the speaker that the amp sees. if you are trying to add ohms, (lets say both of your subs are 4 ohms each, then you want to wire them in series to the amp so the amp sees 8 ohms. if you want to impedence to be 4 ohms, hook the subs in parallel so the amp sees 4 ohms. this is basic electronics. heres how you hook the subs in series. connect the pos. wire from the positive output of the amp to the postive terminal of one of the subs. then hook a wire from the negative terminal of the same sub to the pos. terminal of the other sub. after that, connect a wire from the neg. terminal of the 2nd sub to the neg. terminal of the amp. this will present 8 ohms to the amp. if you want to wire it in parallel let me know so i can explain that. good luck

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if you don't know what Ohms are a measure of, or how to wire an amplifier, maybe you should consider going to a shop and paying a pro to do the install for you.

or, consult this site:
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