2 Alpine 12" type "R"subs good or bad.


I just bought a Saab and now im ready to put a nice sound system in it. I've been reading a lot about the type "R" alpine subs and ready to make my decision to buy them. If anyone has any suggestions, reconmendations or exsperience with these subs I should know about please reply to this message.

Thank You

Hey man, i just got 2 12" alpine type R subs, they were hooked up to my friends 600 watt amp and they hit sooo f u c kin hard and they wernet even at there RMS power, they rattled his liscense plate loose, rattled my house, nocked off his rear view mirror. i HIGHLY suggest getting them. as long as you have a good amp to power them and the right box they will give you more bass than you can handle! trust me any more questions e-mail me Viperz2069@hotmail.com.

Yeah man, thats what i thought someone would say. Im going to but 2 Alpine class D amps with the same rating RMS. The bass is going to be crazy. Thanks for the reply.

what size box do u have?

Hey i had the same question(r they good or not) well from what i hear they are good....is it true that u should leave them sealed and not port the box?????? any ways hit me back...

by the way my email is ntegra_2ner@hotmail.com thx

don't port the box unless you're going to have it professionally tuned. They require less power when ported though, and they will sound better then sealed if done properly. Sealed is easier and more versatile though and thats what I recommend.

I've got 2 type-r 12's and i haven't found a single amp that they couldn't handle. They're the bomb in my opinion

Matt.....DON'T BUY 2 AMPS....you'll get the same power from one and run it alot cleaner. The one amp bridged into 2 ohms will provide you with the same power as two amps running seperate subs and you'll get peak power from the amp as well. You just have to connect them in parallel and you'll be set. Don't waste your money on two amps when you'll get a better result with one!!!!!!

i get deals....i can buy 2 amps for the price of one.

I'm getting the same subs and i was wondering what amplifier you guys suggest i should use to power them...

hey im thinkin about gettin 2 type r 12's what kind and size amp should i get and how many ?

MRD 300 alpine amps, 2 of those would be awesome.

why not just one 600 watt amp why would 2 make it better ?

I have just wired up my Alpine Type R's, dual 2 ohm voice coils to an Alpine MRD M500 amp, amazing! However, I've been playing with the amp settings, paramentric equalizes, subsonic filters etc and it doesn't seem so good now, can't remember the defaults. Anyone know how to reset the values? Its a digital amp.

have u purchased that adapter deal that mounts up by your dash?

Nope I was just using the settings within the amp's display.

you guys suck dirty puss

Hey i'm thinkin bout gettin to 12" alpine type R's but they are used and someone stuck a knife in the rubber, any idea what there worth??

Hey I have 2 Alpine Type R 15 with a 1200 watt Pheonix Gold Amp rated at 1517.8 watts RMS at 4 Ohms plenty of power for the 500rms/1500peak speakers but i had a box built for them which cost $300 and sounds like crap. If anyone knows about what size of box they would need give me a post because me and the install guy got in an agrument about it cause he said he did it right but they bottom out and are not loud at all.

and in a reply to rick if you have listened to them and they sound decent they might be worth a little. Etronics.com has new ones for 109.99 a peice plus shipping. So for the pair if they still sound decent maybe $50 definitly not over $75 for the pair they won't hit as hard because it will leak air but if you just like Type R's and want a little boom spend the money.

15'' type r subs r way better than 12's they hit so much harder especially with an alpine 1000 watt amp

Hey, tyler your having trouble with your box so why don't you go to alpine and get one there and sell your shity one to someone/it will be so worth it,the boxes there are made really good!!

hey,all you guys i would like to know what kind of decks u got!!!also some good songs to test on subs!!!

hey, I have 2 type R 12s DVC 4 ohm. I love them, they hit very hard. As for the guy with the 15, I would look at there specs, and see what they recommend. I got into an argument with the dude I got my box from also, and he told me I needed atleast a 1.25, but I said a .85 is perfect. Sure enough the .85 was perfect and it is awesome.

Looks like 1.3 to 2.5 for your 15 inch.

I have two 12in Alpine type R subs and I just want to get a single amp under 400 bucks to power both of them to the max any suggestions? I am just useing a 560 watt JVC optomis power series.... if anybody could email me and telle me that would be great thanks email is chasemlb@hotmail.com

Umm i was looking at some of the posts earlier up you all seam real nice. Also yes for the money type r subs are the da shiznit i got two type r 15s with a hifonics bx1500d amp. I hit 156 dbs in my last stereo competition. Yet the person advising the person to run one amp and such, you really do not know what ur talking about. Also to the guy with his subs bottoming out thats SERIOUSLY fucked up. If you bottom out a type r sub jus once you can damage the sub.

im buying two alpine 12 inch type r's, if i want these things to bump, than what kind of amp should i get, how many watts and what ohms?

i am thinking about getting a boss 2 channel 600 watt bridgeable amp, for specifications it says Max power, 2 ohms 300w x 2
RMS power, 4 ohms 110w x 2
Bridged RMS 2 ohms 300w x 1
i don't know much about this s h i t, could someone who knows there s h i t, inform on if this thing will bump with 2 alpine type r 12's. or if not what my best and cheapest bet will be.

no. that amp will not "bump" those type-rs like you want it to. i'm thinking you are short on money to be looking at boss, so i'd recommend the JBL 600.1 which can be bought for 175-200 on ebay or etronics.com

thank you for the reply, i was looking at a new lightning audio amp i don't really know exactly what i'm looking for its says The Strike S4.600 is a 4-channel amp featuring high level inputs, selectable high or low pass filters with variable cutoff frequency, bass boost, remote bass control, and line outputs. Power ratings for this unit are listed as 60 watts x 2 + 150 watts x 2 into 4 ohms and 90 watts x 2 + 225 watts x 2 into 2 ohms. In a bridged configuration, the S4.600 is rated for 180 watts + 450 watts into 4 ohms. Three accessory items were included with our test unit, the Powercell and two Fanmodules. The Powercell is a 0.5 Farad cap that can be connected via a large modular plug. The Fanmodules are replacement top panels for the amp that are fitted with 2.25-inch muffin-type fans.
would that be good for the alpines?

wut about the Audiobahn A6004T 600 Watt 4-Ch Amplifier, the one with the intake new for $185

please help me

Hey, would I hook up 3 10" Type R's w/ 300 rms each?? Can i do it w/ one amp, and if i can what powered amp should i use?? HELP ME OUT!!!! I HAVE 3 SUBS SITTING IN MY GARAGE DOIN S H I T!!!!!!!!!!

**edit to one above**

Hey, HOW would I hook up 3 10" Type R's w/ 300 rms each?? Can i do it w/ one amp, and if i can, what powered amp should i use?? HELP ME OUT!!!! I HAVE 3 SUBS SITTING IN MY GARAGE DOIN S H I T!!!!! sry for posting twice...

BirdMan prrrr
shapour rockford 1500bd will pound the f*ck outta them, correct me if im wrong or some1 feels this amp is not sufficient enough

Hey all! I need to know if there is a thing such as a " cone kit " for Alpine Type "R" 12". I blew mine! Is it worth fixing? Should I get a new one? I used a MTX 1000 watt amp on them. One blew in 60 seconds. Please help!

hello. would should i get. i just bought the alpine mrd-m500 and i am planning on getting one subwoofer. should i get the type r 2ohm or the type r at 4ohms

you should go with the dual 4ohm because then you can wire it in parallel and get a 2ohm load which is the best scenario for that amp

i have a Kicker kx500.2 amp pushing 2 alpine type-R 12's and a Kenwood deck. i payed about $700 for it all, including amp kit and custom made box. this is my first system. what do you guys think? is it worth listening to and did i get ripped on the prices?

^^^ follow-up ^^^

im thinking about buying another amp, any ideas for cheap???

also i just bought two 12" Kenwood KFC-w3003 subs for $80 dollars total off ebay. i figured, for $80 bucks, what the hell? anyone, what kind of amp do you suggest? and what do you think of the kenwood subs???

go to www.thezeb.com and look at the us amps

go on ebay and look for the JBL 300.1 or 600.1

what is your idea of cheap?

i dont know, i guess between 2 and 3 hundred

2 and 3 hundred? wow, well then, i'd say the jbl BP1200.1 but that amp would be way too much for the kenwoods, i'd use that on my type-rs and switch the kicker amp to the kenwoods.

hey all... I've got a senario for you thump geeks...Im running mb Quart discus series speekers off a 340 v12. I'm looking to run an evil system. what amp(or amps) would best run 2 JL audio 8" (full range) 2 10" type R 4oms, AND 1 12" type R at 4 oms... I'm looking at a custom seeled box, but Im not sure How much room I'll have for amps...And I'm not sure how much I should drop on the amps.should I stay with the v12 series or switch to a heavy rated amp?

i just got 2 12" type R's today and a 1000watt PPI amp. can someone recommend me a box? i have enclosers right now, is that the proper box? the thing just hits too damn hard. i feel like my car is gonna blow open. email me at onmdma@aol.com

Hey anyone know how I can turn my Alpine mrd-300 amp up because I have a alpine type r 10 behind my seat and I cant even hear it when I get out of my truck.Thanks


Yea, I got 3 12" type R dual 2 ohm subs wired down to 1.33ohms, for all you lookin at boxes for multiple subs do what i did, and seperate the boxes so each sub has its own space, they hit harder and bring your sound quality WAY UP. And if your lookin for specs for a box and on your sub go to www.crutchfield.com im out, peace

i would put a power acoustik sapphire series 1600 on the type r 12s

Which is better type r 10 or JL w3v2 10

Anyone know if 2 15 inch type r's could run off of one mrd-m500 alpine amp??

hey tim/you have to be nuts to only run a 5oowatt amp. you need at least 1000 watts or better.

I currently have an alpine MRP-M350 amp
350 RMS at 2 OHMS x 1
200 RMS at 4 OHMS x 1
700 Watt max

I am currently running 1 12" audiobahn sub, which would be good, except that it constantly kicks out for some reason.

I am thinking of upgrading to 1 12" Alpine type r for now, would that amp run it good? and would it run 2 of em decently?


If I were you I would consider JL or kicker over the type r. I just bought 1 type r 10 and alpine m300 and its not what I expected it to be.As for your amp it can push any 2 subs with a RMS of at most 150 and still sound good.

type rs suck for spl. Unless 4 sub application. by something much more effecient and much louder....JL w6's or w 3's. If I cant change your mind, youll need something much stronger than pheonix gold or alpine to push it. Use a monoblock amp only......Ported will be louder and can be pretty musical


Well I'm hard core alpine, and i've heard this amp run 3 10" type s' in my roomates truck, and it kicks pretty awesome. But I'll have to see, right now I have an audiobahn 12" sub, i was considering bui8lding another one and building an inverted band pass box for them.


...i have another q for anyone w/an answer, i have a '99 pathfiner and just got 1 12' alpine type r sub, is that enough to still make heads turn, or since its a larger vehical, should i get another?..

Which hits harder with better and deeper bass?(Alpine type r 10 or JL Audio w3v2 10) PS:I will be running them off a JL audio 500/1

will 1 alpine 12' type r gonna give enough bump to still turn heads, in a nissan pathfinder, or would 2 be more suitable?

Jason Cordova
Hey i just got 4 Alpine Type Rs with two Alpine V12 1000 watt amps these f*ckers pound.

lol my 2 12 w7s powered by 2 jl 1000/1 amps would make your system sound like a soft f art

you think you guys got beat? try putting your systems against a pair of resonant engineering x.x.x. 12" subs with a sinfoni 150 amp on each one. type r's couldn't hold a candle to these subs.

one does just as well at two, don't waist your money, if you take all the power that you're using for the two and put it in one you'll get a better sound, my brother had two and went to one and it sounds beautiful with his ported box.

sup all.. i just bought 2 typers subs and very close in buying the punch 601s 1800watt max.. its perfect spec wise (300watts rms to each sub) but was wondering if this would be a good amp for these subs... or is the amp too powerful and stick with a 600 watt amp at less then 200 rms each.?

its like 230$ on ebay....

ne comments?? thanks

FCUKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Type r subs are badazz. i tested out some demos and beat out all the other subs there.

i like them too, a lot of people in this forum disagree and say they suck, but hey, they sound good, and i should know, my ears are huge!
even the type-s (cost relative) sound great.

Hey i've got these subs too Alpine Type-R 12's with 4 ohm. even with the pioneer amp 300 watts peakp bridged their shaken everything loose in my car.I've ordered a 840 watt peakp sound storm last night and wait for the day it comes in. to tell u the truth few more days with jus a pioneer amp and i won't have a rearview mirror so think of what a fully functional Alpine amp made for these things would do...gah. tho if i really had the money i'd own those JL w7's cause they make old poeple fall down with their walkers when u drive by =P ah well add me to your msn if u have any question or jus wanna shoot the bull about how my speakers go. peace

Unregistered guest
I have two alpine type r 12's with 2ohm+2ohm voice coils. I have a memphis power reference pr 300 amp and it says im running 75 watts to each sub. Could i wire these things in together and get the max of 300 watts rms out of the amp? Give me some suggestions. The sound really good but they just dont hit as hard as i want them too at all.

typer ina VW golf
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i jut bought 1 alpine type-r 12inch sub. how's powering it with a rockford 501s amp? specs for amp: 800watts peak; 400watts rms? will my sub 'bump' with the powering coming from my rockford 501s amp?
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