8 Ohm sub and cheap Xplod amp...


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Basically, here's the scenario:
I have a Sony Xplod XM-1502SX lying around.
I just spent $25 on a RF Punch 15" sub from a friend.
I'd like to put something in my g/f's car. (I'm sick of her taking my Stealth because of my car stereo. I'd like her to have a decent-sounding car audio system, but I'm also trying to open a restaurant and don't have loads of $ to throw around)
The sub is listed as 8 ohms on the magnet. Everywhere I've seen it online lists it as 8/4 Ohm. My ?s are:

Is there a way to wire it to make it 4 Ohm with a 2/1 channel amp?
What kind of power output am I looking at if it's only at an 8 ohm impedance? I know that 2 ohms basically allows the amp to double the output of a 4 ohm load... Will an 8 ohm load likewise only allow half the power of a 4 ohm impedance? Thanks in advance.

What is rms watt on your sub?? What is your Rms watts on amp? Is your sub double voice coil or single voice coil?

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I'm not sure of the RMS rating on the sub. I haven't been able to find it online, and it's not on the magnet. The amp is rated at 380X1 @ 4ohms bridged. The sub is SVC. In a related question, why do speakers have 2 sets of terminals connected together? 2 positive, 2 negative, but not seperated as in a DVC...

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a: forget that sony amp.
sony is crap, but more importantly, its not big enough.
yes at 8 Ohms you get half the power of 4 Ohms.
what you want to do is find a decent 2 channel amplifier, and bridge it.
you'll bet an 8 Ohm load, the amp will see a 4 Ohm load, and that's the best you'll do.
best bet is to use one 2 Ohm sub or two 4 Ohm subs, and a monoblock sub amp.
JBL has great, affordable sub amps.
300W x 1 @ 2 Ohms is about $160
600W x 1 @ 2 Ohms is $210
then look at lower priced subs like the Kicker Comp subs or similar well made, cheaper subs.

no good way to use any single 8 Ohm sub in a car

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Buying new equiptment is not really an option right now. I'm on an incredibly tight budget and barely swung the $25 for the 15". As I said, I'm trying to open a restaurant and I'm not independently wealthy. I was just curious as to if it would work, not if it would sound great. Kind of a temporary set-up until I get some income to toss around. Thanks for the input, but I can't budget the $ for new components.

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if you're that poor, just let her keep driving your other car then.

sell the sony amp and buy food or something with the money.
it'd be a better use of the resources :-)
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