Hey glasswolf(and others interested), jus want to show you my updated system...


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Hey, remember me with the jeep? Well i added on to my system, i didn't get that alternator that you told me to get because i don't have any cash but everything works fine with the one i got except the light dim a lil' at night, so i'm will to just sacrifice the light for my regular alternator.
heres the link...

tell me what you think, thankz...

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the problem is this:
when the lights are dimming, your voltage rails are sagging.
when that happens, the amplifiers are clipping, and sending a square wave to the speakers.
this means DC voltage and distortion.
This will damage your speakers, no doubt there.
you'll want to beef up that alternator when you have the money to do it.
If you can do the install yourself, you should be able to swing the alternator for under $300 US

Jeep looks tight

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Username: Daniel_s

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wow, i didn't know it would start clipping, that sucks, i mean it sounds good when i drive but darn, i guess i'm gonna have to start saving for that alternator soon, thankz

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yeah when the lights are dimming, that's automatic clipping on the amplifiers.. the voltage is dropping below 12V, and you're getting square waves.
You may not hear it, especially in that TJ, due to foad noise.
With the noise floor being that high, the distortion would be masked, but it's still there and still causing damage over time.

you'll be amazed at the difference with the new alternator though. You'll hear a clear difference.
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