What should i get for this budget


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lets say i have 750$ to spend and i need to get everything(amp, head unit, wires, sub) except for the 4 hi speakers. What is the best thing to get in your opinion?


sony, they make a good 10" sub that rivals the 13w7. I have two of them and they produce like 200db+ SLP. of course I'm running the sonys off one Pyramid amp at 0.005 ohms!!! and of course you definity need a cap, I would get atleast 5000 farad.

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Alpine Cda 9807 ($221.00)
2 Adire Audio Shivas ($125 each)
JBL BP1200.1($269.95)
That might all add up to a little more than $750 but you will have one very good system.

wow...i love stupid people....200dB....lol

ok everyone....we have another guy here breaking the laws of physics.....have some fun w/ this one guys....

oh...and thaddeus.....ebay has some good stuff that MAY be a little cheaper but check to see if the seller provides a warranty and their feedback....ebay can also provide a N.E.W. warranty on just about everything...if you wanna get one....i know that a 1 year warranty for a KX600.4 kicker amp is about $24...they will replace or fix stuff....if you know that your doing make your own boxes and install your stuff...that'll cut a few costs.....

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WTF?? Sony rivals the W7? Dude your smokin some good ish! You need to get educated, or get your head checked.

Hey thaddeus, I agree with Hydro. The Alpine is good, here are a couple other options on a good amp and sub comparable.
Elemental E12K - $135
Dayton 12" (comparable to Shiva) - $119

Avionixx 800.2 - $285

I would get all your wiring from e-bay, just do a search. But you can get wiring kits from there extremely cheap.

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for wiring go with www.knukonceptz.com
4AWG kit is $30.
they have everything you'll need up to 1/0AWG cable.
good folks.

I think that Sony comment was sarcasm, guys =P

Everyone in the car audio business knows that JL Audio's R&D comes from Sony. Have you ever noticed that the new xplod which came out a half a year before the W7 have almost mirror specs to the W7. Maybe if you guys weren't so narrow minded in your product loyalty you would notice the awsome power of the xplods. Sony makes the best SPL subs. Comparing the W7 to the new xplods isn't very fair since the JL Audio website states "The 13W7 isn't a SPL sub or a SQ sub". If you look at the serial numbers on the W7 components you may be surprised to find that the majority of the parts are indeed stolen from sony.

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what the hell is ur problem anonymous..sony sucks..i dont see many people complaining about jl in here obviously they are better...iv owned both and guess what the jls are still working for me and i even bought them used and those "great" sonys dont work any more

It's a joke for anyone who hasn't figured it out yet. I would post with a name if I was talking about anything remotely serious. Just settle down there Hoover and stick to something you know like vaccums and sucking.
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