Ported Or Sealed for 2 15" Audiobahn ALUM15Q


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This are kick a$$ subs and i was wondering sealed or ported for the enclosure. Help me out here cause i dunno wat im talkin bout.

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interesting way to put that.
ok first, you need to determine what the speakers are made for.. not all drivers work in both box types.
you need the TS stats 9should come with the subs, or download the tech specs from their website)
and calculate the EBP
here's how:

Efficiency Bandwidth Product (EBP)
EBP = Fs / Qes
50 or less = best used in a sealed enclosure.
50 - 90 = flexible enclosure options.
90 or greater = best used in ported enclosure.

very simple calculation.
let me know what you et, and the type of music you like.
also the amp(s) used for the subs, and type of car.
then I'll suggest a box

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aihgt dude im prolly gonna get a Rockford Fosgate 851X amp but not really sure yet. i'll figure out that other stuff in a sec.

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I have two alum12q's being push by 1000/1 jl amp. Now my question is, will using a ported box with the specs from the site be louder than a sealed box? Also, which one will be better? Should I run them at 1.5 ohms, and I would do that by runing them parallel, right? How should they sound? Thanks a bunch!

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ported will be louder by around +3dB.
sealed will have a flatter, more accurate response, if accuracy is your goal. if SPL is your goal, go ported.

the JL at 1.5 ohms should be great.
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