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Setup preferences-need much help!LK2
New to FTA and don't want to lose PVR and HD functionalityLK2
Foretec Star life time Classic NAs shaz1
Hooking up 2 receiversjames millard5
MY kids watch with one receiver program from BEV and DN, and i want...Mike W Lee6
Dishnet LNB question?Mike W Lee3
Copy or Clone Dish Network Existing Service?LK2
Need help!!!electropunk1
Satnews siteemil skon1
DIsh and Direct Tv ProgrammingC money1
New to Fortec Lifetime UltraRohit Patel6
One reciever two TVsLK3
Need Help Please ReadLK3
Any way to fix dead fortec ultra without jtag?????Justin Beaumont2
Older Laptop?header1081
Dish settingjcgarcia6
Where do I input BEV keys on a psat 3500SD?Steve f12
Need help with cools@t5000platelectropunk1
Pansat 2700ajon jon33
Bad or Scrambled Channelsliz wakefield5
Please Help!ABC6
Cant find 121zaptor6616
Channels are Freezing,need help pleasepunjavi doo11
Linking 110 and 119 togethermuer_killa1
Installation help plzzzzbaba khan2
Pansat clone fix BIN 222LK4
Megas@t proJohn greer11
DirecTV legal actions vs some big sites and namesLK3
Can anyone PLEASE help me??LK2
Forsat 53-2500 ultraLK10
Where did directv gosmith192823
Ppv channels!!!!helpmeplzz4
I need help with a switchrandy randy2
Problem with some channels on 61.5W Echostar 3 dishJonny122051
Cool*at 4000 HelpPATRICK11
IR code for Pansat 3500SAnonymous1
PANSAT 2700A Vs. the Rest of FTAsAnonymous1
Ppv channels!!!!pansat 2500a1
Cools@t 5000 platzaptor663
Need current Bev keyjohn jack20
New ChannelsLK2
Panstar 2006/2500aknee grow1
What is exact skew for super dish121?LK2
HeLp PlEaSe !!!jmontana7
119 and 110 problemJohn greer1
Dish Setting.. C**lsat4000pro please help!ChronMar2
Directv news siteBerny5
Need help finding SVT downloader lynn smith1
Screen rolls LK4
Finding 110 and 119 in mexicoLK4
Problem with some ch'sAnonymous16
Pansat clone2500a cloneLK2
Satilitesjose gregoery3
Pansat 2500aLK7
Pansat 2500A Bin FileAnonymous14
Sat to buyjose gregoery1
CoolS@t 4000 Help1112836
256T Bin FLU to Pansat 2500PRFRMNJ13
Help with DVR 501LK2
Pansat cloneLK2
Pansat2700a Re 110 and 119Wilfred Moore1
C_oolsat 5000 or Pansat 3500SD which one to buy ?Anonymous22
BEV on Pansat 2700aknee grow3
New setupMike W Lee7
No quality on pansat 2700aPRFRMNJ4
Fortec ultra helpPRFRMNJ5
Pansat 3500s and twin lnb questionAnonymous1
Can't Slove this Problem help me out guysbaba khan11
Anythign about davesee9
Has anyone test out this method yet???my2cents8
Need Help fpr Pansat 2700Afrajerski55
NBA Games Ariza 500 Please Help!!!!!!LK7
Help!!!!with my pansat 2500a!!!Thehitch4
DishPro Plus and Dish for 61.5ViniDomine33
Two problems with FTA'sAnonymous16
Bev/cricket channelThanksssssss3
Ariza700 helprandy randy5
FTA installers available?PATRICK6
Latest bins for pansat 2500aanchor man1
Whats the difference b/w BINS?randy randy4
Wait for picture error even after loading 141 binSlg19
Watch out everyone for puzzeld 1589(camcast cable spy)Mike W Lee3
LK!!!!i need ur help!!plzzzz!!!!Mike W Lee10
Connecting 2 FTA receivers on one lnbPRFRMNJ10
Atmega HelpLundy Thurier1
Ariza 700 Reset Factory settings?randy randy2
FTA and DSS AbreviationsM.C.1
How can i get 3 Singles ????Mc+Sunny2
Adding/rReplacing LNBsMike W Lee7
Need recomendations LK4
To LK: Key issues on Pansat 2700ALK26
2700A EPG??LK6
Difference between bin 143 and 144LK4
Dish question for LKLK5
Help!!!! need FLU binjames millard2
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