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Wiring problemchris bruce1
Bose lifestyle 25 question.Thumbs5
Is a THX receiver really worth it if im going to be watching a lot ...J. Vigne11
5.1 vs. 6.1Berny33
Onkyo HTS-760 Prologic II not workingbhizzle2
Help with weird amplifierAnonymous4
Volume differences between Dolby Digital and Dolby ProLogicJ. Vigne2
Help Me Pick A ReceiverTAJVIDA2
DTS Decoder Ahead Of Reciever?WIlliam Mehojah3
Sound cuts off completely when silent (sounds daft i know)Mike O'Halloran3
Multi Channel Sound indicator & DTS SignalsBerny3
Small or large speakers??howlswolf4
5.1 or Higher? help Ricky Pearson6
Not receiving Dolby DigitalShan Tao9
Pioneer Elite WarrantiesGregory Stern2
New Hardware AdviceBOCA2
Onkyo HT-650 -- Dolby Digital Helpnyokie5
Subwoofer not workingJOHN S2
Use Yamaha Rx V 440 6.1 (Can i hook up other cable speaker in Rear ...Nicholas I.M1
Heavy or No BassJason Anderson1
Dts sound tracksbret hobson5
DTS is all DTS ES MATRIX compatible ??? and Q: about descrette 6.1 ...Nicholas I.M4
Speaker problemBerny2
Not Receiving DTS or DD signal from my DVD playerBerny2
DD 6.1-es/DTS-es/DTS descrete (how to hook up speakers?)Reggie4
After really fell the descrette ...HmmmmNicholas I.M1
Does yamaha DSP Effect make any better ?Nicholas I.M1
Can find this descrette 6.1 titleNicholas I.M3
High or Low settings on Sony AV receiverBerny5
Dolby digital ex decoding problemAnonymous2
DTS-ES and THXpaul ronin3
Lotr dts 6.1Berny4
7.1 which hooks up to which?Berny2
Does DTS ES include 6.1 matrix my default..?Berny3
Pioneer recievers...decoderAnonymous2
Is it possible to replace a decoder in a Yamaha Reciever?Berny2
Newbie with muddy dialoguedpw1
How to get surround sound with my sataliteAnonymous1
Surround sound with dishGene Ulmer4
Telefunken 5+1 dvdjennie1
5.1 and 3/2.1CHSimonmarais5
7.1 surround soundBerny7
Dts/digital decodersAnonymous12
Recording Dolby Digital 5.1 ?JPro13
5.1 switcher for SACD and DVD-AEugene1
Conflicting advice on Surround PackageTwo Cents2
Sound quality of home theater receivers compared to 2 channel recei...Falp2
5.1 Set-up questionAnthony3
5.0 Surround vs 5.1 Surround?Falp5
What is THX Surround EX?Gabriel Reyes5
Looking for help on Nad setupJohn A.2
DTS Braodcasts ?John A.2
Dolby Digital 5.1 ProblemBerny5
DTS question?Berny11
Listen Modes with kenwood do not work with Dolby Digital?Puschi1
Newbie: lucked into a yammy rx-v speakers?mat matt1
I have a AMW Dolby Digital surround sound system joey1
Receivers with DTS 96/24 Anonymous1
Audio help while watching TVAnonymous1
Prologic 2 inquiryBerny7
6.1. . .unsupported?Taxman3
Need help with DTSjames slinkard5
Multiroom Wiring Questionjames slinkard2
What exactly does bright and warm mean when talking about speakers ...Stevie B2
DOLBY PL2 & DTS NEO 6 WITH 5.1 SYSTEMBrent Harbolt2
Speakers Ala Cart?Berny2
7.1 - 6.1, I don't understand the difference !Anonymous6
How much improvement is 6.1Marc Orlick8
Will a 5.1 compatible DVD player work w/ a 6.1 Yamaha receiverDavid3
6.1 or 7.1 setup?Nate Raymond1
Onkyo wont go into DTS or Dolby DigitalAndrew Barickman2
6.1 rear speaker polarityMark1
Upgrading Prologic to Prologic 2David Myron9
Multiple 5.1 inputsHawk3
Pro Logic Distortion viewing video tapesDerek4
Direct Mode or DD/DTSDerek4
Noob question about DD and DTS Derek3
Dolby Pro Logic?Derek5
DTS and Dolby Digital ProblemDerek4
Dolby 5.1 Surrond Exmedic4tx3
DTS-ES on a DTS receiver?Anonymous4
Dolby Digital 5.1 sound breaking up every 5 minuteAnonymous5
Newbie: Question about DTSAL3
Which is better: DPLII or Neo:6Derek2
5.1 or go for 7.1 and pay the price?Greg Lee9
Dolby Prologic vs Dolby Digitalbarry Marsh2
Dolby Pro Logic IIJ.B.4
ONKYO HT-S650 Chirping in Pro Logic II ModeAnonymous5
Dolby Digital or DTS on Onkyo HT-S650??Sooteal5
Help with Onkyo 650 PLEASE! -DTS mode.po6
Help! no dts signal from toshiba 9200sd to denon avr 3802Dennis Walsh3
5.1 HelpDave4
Dolby Pro Logic IImidinerd3
6.1 Setuprw13022
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