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Marantz 8500 or something else? tin_cup24
Whole house audio questionJohnny4
Receiver Recommendations for Monitor Audio or KEF Speaker SystemsGoogol Plex10
Will a HKavr445 or HKavr635 be enough power ?Peter Galbraith34
Anyone ever experience this?gene hihar10
JVC HX-C6 connect to tv?Berny2
Which new HDMI reciever fits this setup the best or you would recom...Rush7
Yamaha receiver htr-5930...good? bad?Peter Galbraith4
TR 2830 and TR - 6.1Berny14
Does my receiver have enough power for a sub without an amp?Jan Vigne3
Sony str de 475 flashes protectmatt fournier9
HK AVR 340 - any good with the Hdmi ?Dennis1
HK-AVR240 or Pioneer 54/55 Series w/ THX ?Nuck4
Pioneer VSX-816k QuestionNuck4
Weak sound from my speakers... no power!Eric Ramsey11
Best speaker match for onkyo sr601Berny2
Need help choosing a new ReceiverSteve Collett14
Best speaker match for onkyo sr601Edster9223
Upgrade H/K for Mirage speakersLee Ellington2
Denon AVR2805 - Restarts after Power OutageShan Tao8
Still needing some help!Jan Vigne9
Denon AVR-3805 Questionmike manegre-volden2
Vintage Receiver SuggestionsMitchell Beebe8
Receiver With Excellent DACs for Movies/MusicZoran Tkavc18
Onkyo TX-SR603X problemBerny5
Panasonic SA-HE200 Fuse Blowing (F70)Jan Vigne3
DACsJan Vigne18
Reciever suggestions?Jeffrey C.M. Hann85
DVD passthrough to A/V ReceiverNuck6
Sony Optical input issue....Jeffrey C.M. Hann2
Reciever Problemsantonio maldonado19
Suggestions for reciever and amps?Frank Abela19
Optical input troubles on my reciever PLEASE HELP!!!Berny2
Onkyo 803 questiondvak4
Denon 985s or marantz 8500Berny2
Denon 2807 vs Harmon/Kardon AVR 645??Rush25
Rear channels cut in and out for sony reciever?Jeffrey C.M. Hann1
DVI on JVC D401aaron dawson3
Pioneer Elite VSX 24TX no sound for several minutes helpGary Rodriguez1
New line of NAD receivers coming?Dan2
HK 3480 or YAMAHA RX-797?Christopher Lee2
Onkyo TX-SR703 or Harman Kardon AVR 340Edster9222
Opinions on Pioneer VSX-816 Gary Rodriguez3
Balance HT/Stereo systemSean1
Yamaha and Rodney Dangerfieldjeff mannoia8
Need Help Choosing a ReceiverMichael Cameron18
Bev keys ?Berny24
HK avr240 or avr435?Edster92211
Hooking up two receivers upChristopher Lee8
Suitable ElectronicsBerny3
Optical input troubles on my reciever/xbox360 PLEASE HELP!!!Edster9229
Panasonic SA-XR55 / NAD T742 2-channel comparo (long)Edster92215
NAD 720BEE for Axiom M50's??Rick Zmiejko6
EreShutting down Zone 2 on Arcam 300Kevin1
Azur 540R v2Abe Venter2
Where to buy HK 635Peter Galbraith22
7.1 to 5.1dvak5
Volume Problemkyle robinson3
Receiver RecomendationsEdster9222
Rotel or Outlaw for Vandersteen 2CE Sigs?Nuck8
Help! Surround Sound signal to speakers drops out randomlyDan6
Denon 4806 and PCKano33
Noobie with kenwood vr-407Peter Galbraith12
No sound from JVC receiver HELP!scott williams3
Yamaha HTR 5990Richard Schieck1
12 ohm subPeter Galbraith4
Dolby Digital / DTSPeter Galbraith5
How important is a HDMI receiver?mike manegre-volden29
Thanks for the recommendations: System FinishedHammers13
High current or normal?seth ellingsworth6
Possible to get "car audio loud" in a home audio setup?Nuck10
Jamo AVR 793 speaker pairingsJuan Puentes1
Home distribution system help PLEASE.geekboy2
Marantz 7500. Will I regret not getting an HDMI equipped AVR in tw...Stof15
The value of HDMI SwitchingCroozer8
Looking to build a 2.0 systemFrank Abela16
Keys for dish network yahia ammar1
Ghetto rig (8 speakers, 4 outputs) Helpkyle robinson7
Harman Kardon 3480 / Now which Speakers for Music ?MO67
Hooking up more than 4 speakers to my Reciverpat engh4
Harman Kardon AVR435 Multi-Room setupKano2
Quick question for the install enthusiasts...JAW13
How to get Pioneer receiver to recognize optical digital audio outp...Nathan Stohler14
Conecting a equalizerdvak3
Digital or analog connection for music?Peychaud6
Inexpensive HT Receivertay8119
Speaker Decision finished, now need more assistancePeter Galbraith10
Denon Sucks, venting herePeter Galbraith7
Marantz 7500Edster92212
HK 635 and "pumping" phenomenonKano2
YOU Build Me A Stereo System for under $400!!Stof67
Yamaha RX-Series Stereo receiversNigel Windsor5
Bi-amping with HK235Abe Venter1
Have inside speakers need help choosing a receiver and outdoor spea...Bill3
New to hooking up my home theater system.Peter Galbraith5
My First Home Setup / Advice neededMO46
Bright vs, Warm - Just CuriousPeter Galbraith18
Receiver questions?xXRAIDERXx5
Good idea or purchase new stereoJan Vigne2
NAD or Harmon Kardon for a warm sounding receiver?Edster9222
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