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Westra speakers, made in West GermanyGal Shavit1
Opinion on PSB systemDesertfox3
Anyone ever used an In-Line High Pass Filter?Edster9228
Paradigm CC-470 or CC-570?M. Brunner6
3 way crossover helpJan Vigne6
Monitor Audio RS1 or B&W 602 S3Jorge Ribeiro6
Cerwin Vega Sound?Berny7
Cambridge Model 6 So what was the outcome (Edster, Devil's Advocate...Devils Advocate3
Has anyone heard of Aad?Peter Ranslow19
Athena Technologies AS-B1 for $99. Pro's & Con'sRick Zmiejko17
Speaker sensitivity vs. qualityEric Lawrence6
Which SpeakersEric Lawrence13
What is the BEST vaule on the market today in Sub-$400. bookshelf s...Art Kyle67
MCIntosh XL10 speakersStu Pitt3
New Stereo System 2: Sony vs. KLHChristopher Lee39
Sorry, butPaul Bayless2
Speaker under $400Byron22
Altec Lansing Stonehenge IIs - The Beginning of the End? . . . Dakulis5
JBL vs. Paradigmscott fisch5
Amp for B&W 603 kjrice6
Ohmscarl laesch5
Accoustic Suspension speakers?Quinn5
Riddle me this Batman, is my speaker blown?Jan Vigne8
How many own the Alegria Audio Lings?Gavin R. Cumm16
Totem Home Theater - Dallas FortWorth AreaFrank Abela33
Entry level speakersnaam59
Ascend Acoustics CBM-170 vs. PSB Alpha BDakulis7
Best Speakers for Music & HTJames P48
Optimus SpeakersJan Vigne4
Pc to SoundBoard to Amp? I get a Hum!!!Peter G Jones2
Bose sensitivityAnonymous4
B&W or ParadigmEric Lawrence4
Why lower impedance?Jan Vigne24
Speaker Wire...Direcitonal?Greg Conrad10
Aad products high end?Paul Bayless4
AUX -> sorround speakersKristafon Heath1
Speaker Suggestion for Panny XR70Eric Lawrence5
Speaker not workingJan Vigne2
Speaker DecisionsZiggyZoggyOiOiOi6
Speakers for Movies, TV & MusicStu Pitt36
TR-3215 how much this cost ?? 1 speaker Stu Pitt8
Infinity BetasTawaun A.Williams14
Just Moved, in-wall or on-wall speakersbudget minded5
Red/Black Speaker Wire to RCA - HELP ME!!Chris11
Paradigm subs vs HSUDevils Advocate27
Speaker wiringAdam G T8
Hsu VTF 2 Mk 2 arrives!Edster92239
Importance of floor tower speakersTawaun A.Williams108
Bose vs Mission vs B&W vs KefStu Pitt8
Speaker ChoicesBerny2
Paradigm Studio 100v3 or Monitor Audio Silver S10 ? Big dilemmaEdster92229
Subwoofer helpDustin Stock22
Which receiver will best complement the Athenas?Uber Charsimatic Jer23
Speaker placement in L roomDale M. Wiley7
WOW got the system hooked up.Edster92210
Three-Way Speaker Recommendationsbudget minded10
Surround speakers...budget minded7
Speaker standsmojoed14
Outdoor speakers for porchChris4
"Budget" AmplifiersBerny22
Do you think ... Jan Vigne125
How to add subJan Vigne5
PolarityJan Vigne2
Spikes Vs Molded FeetRick Zmiejko17
Desperately seeking suggestions....budget minded11
Magnepan MMG/M12budget minded5
Subwoofer DriversJan Vigne4
Timbre Match ??Jan Vigne5
Denon 985 shuts off when volume up.Jan Vigne3
What's 2.5 way?Jan Vigne19
Speaker placementJan Vigne5
JBL S38 or JBL E50?casa71
Monitor Audio/Good Guys or should i say Bad GuysArt Kyle2
Best speakers to buy?Paul Bayless58
Thinking seriously about a center speakerDevils Advocate4
Celing speakers in boxesJan Vigne4
Your views on my new system selectionDevils Advocate21
Wharfedale Diamond 9.1Patrick1
New here and need help..Edster92224
Speaker wire/banana plug problemsdiablo4
Review: Pioneer Elite + FluanceEric Lawrence7
Newbie needing some help with distortionDan19
Connecting speakers to pc and tvbudget minded7
B&W vs. Triad in-wall speakersStu2
Digital Coax set up helpbudget minded4
Help me decide! Athena AS-B1 + AS-C1 or JBL E30 + EC35 Black05Hemi11
Polk r15'sEdster9227
HT Novice - CC and rears to match KEF Q-55David Solomon1
Speakers Auditioned - Need your inputBritt24
Totem Set-up - Need your inputRakesh Gal8
Tannoy????Shahrukh D3
Digital Coax use??? Dakulis5
Feedback in speakers......Darren Dodd14
Panny xr-55 pushing floor speakersEdster9226
KEF Speakers vs. autiophile typesAnoynymous8
Hiss with video input connectionrodney f1
New stereomojoed4
Help w/speaker output level recommendations....ed v.1
Old School JBL (L110)Byron2
Is My Wire Too Big?Dale M. Wiley45
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