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10" AssassinChris1
Possible 15" Re XXX for saleAlpine Thumpin26
What box for arsenalWrEaK HaVoC2
(4) JL 10w3 Vs (2) Jl 12w6v2jake papa6
Hatch Vs TrunkMatt Kitzis13
My SetUp Not As Pretty But...S.P.D30
OT: Your favorite songCasey Wood4
Glue for reconeRobert1
Problem with my RE SXWrEaK HaVoC4
Complete system for under $500LA14
Not another pointless jackhammer thread...Chauncey Brown14
Ot- toggle switchMark Highland17
3x JL 12w7 w/a 2500dMark Highland2
Type RsCharles8
For my arsenal...|\/|aTT |F9
JL 12w6v2 HO box anyone have 1 for sale?Alpine Thumpin3
Does anyone know how?drivingreckless2
Are the kicker cvx bad?[]D A []D7
So Unique now uses JBL stuff ...[...Rovin...]2
Pioneer, rockford fosgate, jbl, or jl ctmike8
Wiring info needed!!James Longo3
More feed backShaine1
SQ-SPL-SQL---What is my woofers?Billy Franz7
What is the Most powerful SPL sub ever builtArchie Clark24
OT other car audio forumsArchie Clark10
Greatest SQ subs for under $150?Eric Jin17
OT just came inShaine28
Dual CVR 10 and boxbassman33
Do larger size subs hit harder by default?01GPSE4
Sub on ebayalexTF1
JL W7 tipsJames Longo13
OT physicsArchie Clark20
Any good?todd howard9
New BATTERY - ALEROdrivingreckless4
Db for this system?????Steven Norris6
Kicker l7Archie Clark8
What the Arsenal is all about.Archie Clark14
Kicker, JBL ...Pao Trifyllara5
Pioneer vs Kickerdanny10
Some Help Plz01GPSE13
Alpine Type R's Any goodlilrob3
A question that I am sure alot of guys haveSW91528
MDF sub box Shaine22
OT helpShaine4
OT : AmpShaine2
Assassins ?mat hooker3
Orion 2500d setting gainsJake Davis22
soundstream subgrebnereon7
OT: any expierience with this amp?Matt Kitzis2
What do u think of this...EseEsai13
What box is bettereric541815
Future wepons?Knacko23
Orbital blue top?Justin Baker4
Please Help..Somthin Anit Right need all help by 5pm todayS.P.D16
Please reccommend me some subs.Stevie doo8
Quick questionseric54183
15" l7seric54183
Box RecommendationsRave'n8
OT power washersJames Longo11
How about this box design?Mark S3
Mtx T7512-44Aruman4
Sub boxctmike4
Hows this box for some assassins?mat hooker5
Jl audioTrevor Eaton19
Hahahahaha POLOdrivingreckless5
My chic-fil-a's car show....Trevor Eaton7
Best amp for....Jason10
SPL shootout: old school vs. new schoolSW915214
DD vs TREO[...Rovin...]35
TC soundsSW91526
OT: What is your job ?James Longo53
Please help......Nypd-Lapd2
Need some helpbassman35
Can i fix thismatt smith5
My System for saleMatthew Lee16
CAD program for drawing enclosure designs?drivingreckless7
Over powering ur subsctmike3
Need some helpSW915227
12type r vs 15jesse Johnson8
2 alpine type s 10" vs. 1 kicker comp vr 12"SW91523
Will a 500/1 power a 12w7?Joseph Kubiak18
Box for 2x 10w6v1Shaine2
Pioneer premier ty mutlow8
OT Any 1 Got A FireBird , Camero or Trans Am 93 an upS.P.D3
Chad lil help with box building again plz..Zepcoe6
Somebody get me thisTrevor Eaton11
CompaniesTrevor Eaton12
Showed to my dad...Shaine3
Will a 500/1 power a 12w7?killerzracing712
Ok so...Shaine3
Which will be louder?charlie9
Whats a good ocilloscope that meets my needs?Trevor Eaton10
MTX 8500, upgrade to JLW7?permit.....Isaac2
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