Hatch Vs Trunk


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Username: Scott_debaker

Pittsburgh, P.A. U.S.A.

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Registered: Feb-06
why does a trunk car give off way better sounding bass than a hatch back?

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Username: Theelfkeeper

Stockbridge, GA USA

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Registered: Feb-05
i've always heard a hatch is better.

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Username: Ton

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yes, hatchback is better than trunk

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Username: Southernrebel

Monroe, Louisiana USA

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hatch = easy to get loud

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Username: Swisher

Marianna, FL

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Registered: Apr-06
hatch owns a trunk...no compeition at all

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Username: Shman

Grandville, Michigan United States

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what about folded down seats from the trunk..... didnt think of that huh?

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Username: Killerzracing71

Fredericksburg, Virginia United states

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still a hatch would be louder on the inside...than a trunk with the seats down...cuz the subs are literally right beside u...

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Username: Redliner

Wilmington, Ma

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my opinion is that a trunk with seats folded down sounds the best cause no rattling(im talking firing inside)but there is no comparison in a spl evel a hatch wins easily

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Username: Ucfsaxman

Oviedo/orlando, Fl

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ya hatches are louder generally unless you do some major customization of a vehicle w/ a trunk( cutting a port through the rear deck) but vehicles w/ trunks may sound better b/c you don't hear the reverb of the subs b/c they're right behind you. its pretty much the same thing as a truck and SUV.

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Username: Rovin

Trinidad & T...

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hatch RULES ! - which was 1 criteria that influenced the choice of me buying my ride a few yrs ago

& it also comes in very handy 4 hauling stuff ....

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my buddy has a 1230 with about 240wrms going to it, and I have a R with about 500wrms going to it, and his is at least twice as loud. BTW, he has a small precida hatchback and I have a corolla

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Username: Shutterleftopen

Columbus, Ohio United states

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yeah. hatches are basically just like SUVS. and SUVs in my opinion sound the best. trucks sound good as well. but SUV's are awesome. the only thing is with a hatchback it's easier to get your stuff stolen obviously. in a car. if your seats don't fold down, they have to put the trunk. they can just break a window in a SUV or hatchback to get in there.

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Username: Usask8er1

Appleton, Wisconsin USA

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Yea or you can just make a sub wall in the car facing towards the front of the car and no matter what you have itll be crazy loud. If you want it to really be as loud as possible
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