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Guys I have a question that I have had now for a while. I have seen some sub specs that rate the rms power handling from 50-400 watts. I have also seen most of them that just give one number. So here is my question. When matching a sub to an amp, do you want the amp rms to be higher than the rms power handling of the sub? Do you want it to match exactly? What if it is a little below? Can I put 400 watts on a sub that rms's at 500? How should you power a sub to give it optimal performance at all times? Any advice would be appreciated thanks guys

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you can stick within the rms range of the sub and be fine, but you definately want to give it as much power as you can. in fact i gave each type r 400wrms when i first got them and there rated 500wrms and they played ok. depending on what sub/brand you get, you can almost always slightly overpower a sub for optimum performance. after taking advice from many here, i went out and got new amp for my r's and gave each 600wrms, and wow, big difference, they sounded amazing. so at the minimum at least match the rms, but giving a little more power wont hurt at all.

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by the way, what subs do you plan on running?

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it is said that a sub needs roughly 80% of its RMS rating to get loud.
i have also seen subs that will take wayyyy more than there rated RMS and keep getting louder the more you give them.

when buying an amp i would always shoot for more power than you need....that way the amp will not be as likely to clip if you turn up the volume.......that being said, you also need to make sure you have an adequate charging system so that the amp has enough power to make ITS power for the sub.

i have a DD2510, at one time i had it hooked up to a US 4300x....it was bridged at 2 ohms tomake ~150wRMS, and it sounded fantastic. then i bought a dedicated bass amp, DLS A6, and it is hooked up to that at 2 ohms for a total or 870wRMS, and it sounds even better.....you can imagine how much louder.:-)

back to the 80% of RMS power to acheive max output.....some subs only need 80%(very general RMS percentage) to acheive peak output....like an Image Dynamics IDMAx....but others....like my Digital Designs 2510....wont reach peak output unitl almost double the RMS wattage. it all depends on the subs build quality and motor efficiency and how underrated the subs are.:-)

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I'm running 1700W RMS to my 2005 X.X.X.
Remember that the sub is only going to receive as much power as your volume knob is set to. You could run a 250W RMS sub on a 50W RMS amp or a 1000W RMS amp. The 50W amp isn't going to get very loud and you have a chance of clipping. The 1000W amp will easily handle the sub but you may melt the voice coils. (The clipping/melting voice coils are for those who don't have self control with the volume knob in the specific application :-))

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lol muddy im with you on that i only have my mtx amp thats prob putting out around 700 to my 9512 i need that orion and a new car for my new ho alt lol

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the majority of subs available 2day u can give recommended wrms - but trust me its ALWAYS better IMO 2 have a bit more than the power u need like the reasons already given above ......

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yeah i would shoot for a little over the rated rms as long as it is clean power.
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