(4) JL 10w3 Vs (2) Jl 12w6v2


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My questiom is will 4 JL 10w3 sound louder or close to 2 JL 12w6v2, i am plannin to switch out my 2 JL 12w6v2 to 4 Jl 10w3 or different 10 inch subwoofer since i am goin to buy a custom box for my tacoma truck

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i love the w6v2's i've had so i'd stick with them just power them a little more if your dissapointed

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how are you running you w6's? sealed/ported? and with how much power from what amp? I have 1 12w6v2 and the output is fantastic from 1 12. When people say the w6v2 is a SQ sub not a SQL sub I will give them the option to sit in my truck anyday to change their opinion.

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Username: Johnny619

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well i got (2) sealed in a prowedge box running off 1000/1, i just got a custom made box for 4 10inch subwoofer and it came with (4)10w3 and i was just wondering will it sound close to the (2) 12w6v2. Not that i dun love my w6v2, i love them more then my old 12w7, it just that the custom box look nicer and fit better then just th prowedge box in the back of my 98 tacoma truck

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I whould stick with 2 12w6v2's in the prowedge box off that 1000/1.

That is a hec of a setup if you ask me. Its going to be hard to beat overall.

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you could try 3 W3v3 12s. ive heard them and they are very similar to the W6s. it should have a little more output than the W6s.
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