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Which one...?Archie Clark7
Looking for opinions.Archie Clark11
Reccomed a boxbob barker1
03 nissan maxima sub replacementty mutlow5
RE 12" SE or SX for JL 500/1[...Rovin...]3
Excursion questionJoseph Kubiak11
Is this any good?Roland Berthiaume5
Box that back of speaker showsBLack f1503
Powering?No Limit6
1 15" Re MT vs 2 15" SeDarren M11
Aa assassin??Joseph Kubiak4
Where can I find the site with the new good, bad, ugly list?GlassWolf3
Power Acoustik FUBR10 yay or nay?Lewass22
$500 system almost broke the windowDarren M26
Eternal series audiobahns good or badDarren M9
I think I got ripped off....HELP!!!Andrew Davies12
Eclipse Subs / Circuit City / Looks Decent ?killerzracing7111
Subs for $500...Joseph Kubiak18
Box that back of speaker showsBLack f1508
Box that back of speaker showsAlan12
Rockford fosgate stage 3 subwoofer vs kicker compvr subwooferkillerzracing7112
Boom cars, heard from blocks awayctmike45
Kinda OT, BBJosh9
Box Fry a sub?james caroll10
JL Audio 12W7Joseph Kubiak7
Eclipse subs VS JL subsJoseph Kubiak15
You know whats funnyAlan3
Box Ideas?B2
1 15" Re MT vs 2 15" SeJoseph Lewis1
Re Audio 18inch "sx"jake papa5
Another Alpine R question?Pimp11
Box Carpet (covering)Joey Ingle5
Brax, Helix, McIntosh...Jonathan14
Other Forums ?Jonathan3
Dub 200james shlong4
Insane trunk rattleRave'n10
Gettin SickS.P.D5
Just dont know what to believeAnthony Lett8
Bridge?True Story6
Audiobahn V MTXYoung James9
Subs won't play thru RCA's from headunit?Rave'n4
Connecting everything problems?!?!?Jay6
Wiring Diagram neededSW91529
Is this possible.?bassman38
Wanna be heard from blocks away...Christopher Lee19
2 ohm stereoSW91523
Power questionSW91522
Ur choice ???NE$TER10
Any ideas about customizing dash?Young James7
How can i tell?Alan9
Crystal audioNE$TER1
Bandpass ideaDustin3
What kinda boxS.P.D5
Witch sub's will be louder ??Night Mirage15
Different sub same amp. Louder?Jerome Cochran13
Spl subsjames shlong2
Fuse sizeJosh3
What to look for in RCA cablesJoseph Lewis5
I learned a lesson about hauling drums.....Josh4
Sub ohmsctmike2
Good Match?ctmike2
One 13w7 or two 13w6?Joseph Kubiak18
Whst 6X9's are you runnin and how do you like them?MO17
Orion H2Young James9
Hey anyone heard of interfire gage ware4
Rovin I got a Question for you ?[...Rovin...]4
Whats the free sub box program? - real quickryan emmons3
I need help ...charlie7
Amp for kicker compvr 15 inch subwooferCadillacDb12
Mp3?james shlong8
Any1 looking for shocker audioDustin3
Subs im my ford pintojames shlong8
Building a built in sub enclosure.Polo4
13w7 problem....D P W11
Box questionBryce Gesser4
Hey B.B3
To predrill or Not to predrillLewass19
Need help on getting a systemblkwardog12
Amp?True Story1
Newbie needing helpnick9
Flared portsKnacko3
Subs For Sale....Josh Smith2
Changed name.FiBeR.6
Install is done!! james shlong9
What subs should i get?Archie Clark5
Car power problemPavel10
Amp to run 2 D6'sSteven Sudzina5
Kicker L7'sD.J. Tucker6
Looking for a 400, 500, or 600watt amp?!?!?Adam4
Atlas -> Arsenal questionsalteraudiousa4
Once again a sub decision must be made.Maxx3
Ps3 Delayed Until November !!!..../\/\ike49
Loudest 12" sub for $140 SPL? pushed by kicker 1200//1Maxx10
Was wondering about a box?lucas beckner2
Subwoofer in my Mercedes C240Jeff Loughrey2
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