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Ripped off??jake papa6
ManualsLou Cassinelli1
House speakers in truckedward scissorhands1
Live sound/PA'smixneffect7
RE subsmatt thigpen2
Didn't know it would take so longIsaac2
Ascendant Audiobaseball11871
Truck systemalex15
Kicker or hifonics?two4fifteen5
Amp outputJames Longo2
Anyone know if radio station on winamp are digital or analogsean3
Dad needs help with Xmas Present - Pair of L5's? Anonymous25
Subs That Are 3ohm and 1.5ohmsJames Longo10
Need help to make a ported box for a se10Adam4
Does anyone know if there is a way of adding more power to an amp w...sean17
My new setup focusing on sq and not spl this timesean19
Re AudioChauncey Brown12
AmpJoshua Seip6
Whats wrong with them?charlie13
Quick QuestionChris Person3
Whats better? The Alpine Type-R or the Type-X?Trey Kirby18
Brahma vs avabaseball11875
Help please* Rovin *6
Premier subwoofer????JarvoCop8
Best position for subs?mikechec92
Did I mess up my 12" W7?NOL1M1TSOLD1ER13
5x7 or 5.25 speakersmikechec93
My plans for my car (non related to car audio)Robert7
Firing subs at eachotherKevin Wrubel4
JL W7 vs JL W6v2ucfsaxman2
Lotta spl, some sq, and about 400 bucksAM53
Orion 2500D owners manualCasey Compton1
Need help with 05 Silverado installNOL1M1TSOLD1ER2
Infinity basslink TBranden4
1 sub versus 2Dan the man2
Any1 have an Avalanche?Anonymous18
Cost?James Longo2
Truck BoxesKevin Previe11
Sub positioningDaniel Wang4
Found these old subs ?sean14
JBL BPX2200.1 vs Orion 2500dtony1
Jl audio 10W3v2-D6 or alpine SWS-1042D ucfsaxman3
I Need SPL , HELPsean26
Alternator rebuildingChris Person5
Box recommendationsJames Longo2
Leeroy Jenkins!!James Longo3
Jackhammer Anyone?killerzracing7123
1 SX 12" VS. 2 12" L7's?Robert22
Home Audio!Audio Wizard23
Blown Subwoofer :-(((((( RFR3112 ...sean22
BROKE!Kevin Previe3
Can't find the websitesean4
FATMATChauncey Brown3
Enough to power my sub temporarily?Thomas E Miller6
How old is every one here???MO98
Help me with my subsReLOaDeD5
Memphis M3?Terry64051
2 hifonics tx1505d and 2 flame q's?? good match??david danilowicz1
Car audio installation links.Chauncey Brown4
Quantum audiosicwititsavage3
Wiringmatt thigpen1
1 SVC and 1 DVCKevin Wrubel2
Great price on EbayCasey Wood12
Ported Box for a SX 15alex5
Mounting an amp on the box - DON"T !!! MuddyWaters11
12 inch Kicker L5'sCasey Wood4
Sx vs. l7Casey Wood6
When my Ipod is hooked up through the AUX in the Volume plug (not ...BrAd GiLmAn1
2 blown 10w3Robert9
2 ohm or 8 ohm load?mixneffect5
How are diamopnd d3 amplifiers?Trevor Eaton5
Just got type R's now i need...Trevor Eaton3
2 ohm load or 8 ohm load?joe ruskowski2
Hifonics Subsalex6
Big Three GaugeAnonymous1
JackHammer on EBAY?Trey Kirby3
Down fireing subKevin Previe9
NEED HELP Chauncey Brown2
Credence gets coverage!Chauncey Brown3
Quick Big Three QuestionKyle D22
Vibrating soundKevin Wrubel2
Box sitesKnacko3
Polly-fill, 2 ports, wtf?Knacko3
MTX Sub EnclosureKaramjit Singh1
Which onecharlie10
Blown Amps?Anonymous1
Hifonics Brutus...killerzracing7130
Subwoofer enclosure for RE SX 12''two4fifteen3
Serious confusionmixneffect2
Razor Audio?Mark Highland2
I am a little confusedJoshua Seip7
Subs wont worknik5
Amperage LouieV5
Re SX vs. Mtx 7500'sresxresx7
Better or not matter* Rovin *2
Bro and L7...NOL1M1TSOLD1ER6
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