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Are 2 S15L7's in a sealed box the best way to go?Mir Atah Ali1
Suggestion on subsScott3
Are these subs good?PhyscoticS5
+5db from a ported box?!GlassWolf3
13w7s in a grand cherokeeGlassWolf9
HOW do I make my SUBS HIT HARDER???GlassWolf6
What is SPL & SQ?Bryan B4
Earthquake setup?POWER TAT2
4000W Logic Soundlab Sub??GlassWolf12
Watch out for that fuel tank....GlassWolf3
I no longer know what to do for a stereo please help GlassWolf2
BROKEN ECLIPSE SUB! How do i fix it?GlassWolf3
Glasswolf help, your install expertise is needed!GlassWolf7
2 kicker l7 or 2 kicker l5daniel stanislawski4
Help Pleasedaniel stanislawski8
What's your system set up?JBG40
Infinite BaffleGlassWolf2
Question for allGlassWolf8
How do you measure SPL?GlassWolf3
Connect three subs to on ampGlassWolf11
What do you think of...PhyscoticS3
Lil bit of help....GlassWolf2
100,000W IN A CARtwatman6
Is this a good deal?? KICKERrandy legender6
Hey Bryan B.......GlassWolf3
12W6v2 vs. 12W7GlassWolf7
Wich subs should i getDillan21
Pictures of your sub woofersrandy legender5
Need plans for ported box for 2 12in kicker compsnick klatt3
Memphis or kicker?TJ5
MTX, coustic or pioneer?TJ5
Is this sub any good ilpimp4
Jl audio 12w3v2 enclosureGlassWolf4
One 10 = 135dBs?Tim5
Tony Yu..........Tony Yu4
I work 4 audiobhanTJ16
2 JL 12W0...I need an amp and suggestionsGlassWolf2
I Need Some Advice PLEASE???GlassWolf5
Should i trade a 10W7 for 2 k-series ED 15s?GlassWolf6
Vented or sealed?GlassWolf2
Elemental Designs question. 1 or 4 ohmits_bacon123
Help plzits_bacon125
Is legit?Anonymous2
Terminal on Alpine type-e'sJevon Staffieri1
Which sub would you go with?its_bacon122
2 12in sony explodes or 2 12in kicker compsTIMMAYYYY14
Ripped bandpass port tube, help!! :-(...its_bacon122
Real installers only for everyday amateursits_bacon122
Are volfenhag sub any good?GlassWolf6
Whats a good free air subGlassWolf9
Cerwin vega strokerits_bacon123
Infinity or kickerTJ9
Would these work together?02avvy5
Kenwood 1205dbstranger4
Vote!!!!!!!!!!!! best subwooferdquan belton1
What two 10's should i get???HELP!!!big dic balla3
2 kicker 12L5s or 2 Alpine 12"type rs???rick cep7
Going rrreeaallllyy lowGlassWolf7
Question for Glasswolf GlassWolf2
Sub box help GlassWolf3
Help with setup please!Anonymous2
8 ohm dvc vs 4 ohm dvcits_bacon124
Is it a good idea to get a warrantyBryan B2
Any input please!!!! :0)Nick1
Speakin of OhmBryan B3
3 shiva 12s or 2 brahma 15s?? Anonymous7
VOTE... on GlassWolfUngodly appendix12
Audiobahn AW102T Vs. PHOENIX GOLD Ti10 Titanium 10"?GlassWolf7
Resonant Engineering subs and speakers? GlassWolf4
Inverted WoofersGlassWolf7
2 10'' s or 1 12''??GlassWolf17
Distortion Problem - GWits_bacon126
M A Audioits_bacon122
Opinions? 2 Rockford Fosgate HX2 or Kicker CompVRits_bacon122
Whats bettaRobert j5
Can anyone help me with so subs?GlassWolf7
What would sound better???Neal Secks3
Trunk room for a box in a blazer xtremeKevin1
I need some major help!Zachary Peters3
Brahama ampRobert J10
2x adire audio tempests or 2x adire audio shivas?TJ5
What are Ohms and what do they do?Bryan B4
Questions on ampits_bacon122
Ohm question....Anonymous2
New systemGlassWolf3
Tunning HZGlassWolf4
Can I run this off my stock head unit?GlassWolf12
Eclipse respectKevin4
Hey glasswolf i got a question for yaBryan B11
NEW ED E15A V.2 PICS!!!!!its_bacon121
Sealed boxGlassWolf4
HiTech Subsnot going to tell1
Another question for GlassWolfBiggin6
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