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ok, now i have never liked audiobahn, i have always thought that they used cheap material etc. when i first started reading everyones comments i saw u guys share the same opinion, million dollar look, 10 cent performance. u guys always mention what u guys recommend, jl, kicker, dd, etc. how come u guys never give eclipse any props? they make outstanding subs, amps, head units, and multimedia. their products are amazing, and i think should be mentioned more often. lets start giving eclipse the respect they deserve.

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very true...hehe

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try reading a little more.
Eclipse headunits are hands down the best ones around, and are mentioned as such quite often.

Eclipse Ti series subs are very nice, but there are better out there.

Eclipse amps, as I've said before, are very well made, particularly for mids/highs, but they don't generally offer the range of producrs other companies do, and most people don't want to spend what Eclipse amps cost, which is the same story as JL, McIntosh, Zapco, Sinfoni, and other very excellent but expensive amplifier companies.

As for their components.. they aren't bad either, but again, difficult to find generally, since most shops don't stock them, even if they sell Eclipse.

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yea the local shop around here carried them, but they got out of car audio. they had some components and everything there. another shop up the road carries eclipse HU's and subs. i strongly agree that they are difficult to find. i think their subs sound great, they're hard and clear, not to mention accurate.
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