One 10 = 135dBs?


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I just got one kicker comp vr 10 and a custom enginered box to go with it. the sub is on the far right side instead of the middle of the box, and there is a slot on the right side to let certain frequencies out, and we mesured it to hit 135 on the first day. is that very good spl for one 10?

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how speakers work - +3 db for double the power

1w - 85 db
2w - 88 db
4w - 91 db
8w - 94 db
16w - 97 db
32w - 100 db
64w - 103 db
128w - 106 db
256w - 109 db
300w - roughly 110 db

cabin gain +5-15 db
vented +3
you're in the 118-128 db range - please, inform us on you're setup - box tuning, amp, car - hatchback, truck or trunk

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sounds right, and the box is most likely bandpass or vented.. I'm thinking 4th order from the description.
I've seen one 10" sub hit 141dB in the back of a Camaro at a competition, and it took home an award for that. I'm not surprised you're at 135.
good SPL. 130dB is the cut off for max at IASCA events, so you're good.

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1000w sony amp, ford explorer i dont know the tunning except the box was custom built by the guy i know for this sub. i know the reason why it is so loud is the special box its in. we put the sub in a sealed 10 enclosure and it sounded avg even with the kicker comp sub but when we put it in the custom box is when we heard the big improvement, it was hitting harder and louder than my two 12s.

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^ well, the box/setup is a critical element.. even more so than speaker itself..
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