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hi tony its alan appleyard here.. im still waiting for our meeting so we can rip off our clothes and dance through the streets laughing at all the poor people who dont have the stockpiles of money like we do, i bought my 17th burger king store yesterday the type of ladys who work there are great they are all prepared to sleep there way to the top and when they get there i sack them! it realy is such great fun being rich like us tony.

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thats not very nice my mom worked for BK and she worked very hard for a couple of weeks before she was made manager, but thinking back on it now she did get the sack 2 days later. mom had a baby 9 months later which was strange as dads had a vasectomy.

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ROFL, what's up alan. well you know how it is, as us multi-billionairs can hardly find the time to do things we like to these days. i guess we will have to rendezvous a different time.

let's take today for example, first i had to do a teleconference with Bush about his new and improved Iraqi Freedom plan, that monkey is after my wallet again. then i had to fly down to vegas and check on my new casino construction on the strip, i tell ya, it'll put Bellagio outta business. and after i had my fill from a selection of my 20,000 ho while i was at vegas i was pretty damn exhausted, but before i signed on to this board, i still had time to invest in the continental railroad Lyndon Larouch is proposing.

well, all in a day's work, how on earth do i manage it, being the richest man on the planet is not easy i tell ya, but someone's gotta do it.
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