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Correct me if I am wrong, please, but is "infinite baffle" the type of subwoofer installation without any enclosures or boxes?

What are your thoughts on it? - the best subs for it?

Reason i ask is that it was suggested to me for an old Benz, with the gas tank behind the rear seat and also because the car is so solidly built and insulated that very little, if any, sound would possibly get from the trunk to the cabin if I went with a conventional install.

Current plans are for a custom built enclosure but that alone would run (they tell me) at least $1,000.00 and even if it only saves a couple hundred bucks, I'd rather put that money into the subs themselves. I am thinking of going with dual eD or Adire Brahmas, 10" or 12", based on all the recommendations I read here.

Any thoughts are welcome.



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yeah infinite baffle is when the subs are mounted to a board.
Kicker's F-series subs of old are designed just for that application.
They never sound all that great though, and they do require, in order to work properly, that the airspace on each side of that baffle board be exclusive.
in front of the subs can't share air with the back of the subs.
otherwise the trunk won't act as the enclosure, the subs won't have any damping, and they'll sound awful.
If you want it to sound good, think about porting an enclosure through the trunk and into the cabin through the rear deck or next to the back seats.
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