How do you measure SPL?


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I want to know the SPL score of my cousin's hookup. His hook up is 2 cheap generic looking 12" Bostwick subs and a 600 watt Rockford Fosgate amp. He has a ported box that make them hit a hell of lot harder than a sealed box that he had. Basically, I want to know where you go to get your SPL measured. If there is a simple way of checking it right from home I'd like to know also.

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Do you really want to know? Easiest way is get it metered. But, I used this caculation to figure out db's from a single sub. [glasswolf correct me if i'm wrong] You need 3 specs of the sub. [fs],[vas],[qes].
The first part of the problem is,
efficiency=9.64 x 10^ (-10) x fs^3 vas/qes
you take that answer wich is [no or efficiency] and do part two.
spl= 112 + 10 x log (no)
spl=answer from above in db's at 1watt/1meter

This should be right. You can use this for side by side comparisions with wich sub will have more spl.If this is correct [wich I'm pretty shure it is.]alot of manufacturers are lying.If there isn't 3 of these factors[vas,qes,fs]on your spec sheet don't even bother with what they got for db's.I did this with two different subs that I heard on the same amp,same car, same box, and the louder one tested out by ear and, calculation and, meter.So, it could very well be true. hope this helped.

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take the car to a local shop that has an RTA, and get the system metered.
only way to really know.
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