What two 10's should i get???HELP!!!


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OK...i'm mad at the crap audio shop in town that just loves audiobahn...i got suckered into getting 2 10's and they blew in 3 months...they replaced them but w/ referbs and they sound even worse than the originals...paid like $200 for the pair...

i now truly hate audiobahn...

i want to get some good 10's now!!!

my friend has the same model truck i have but he has an L712 on a kx600.1 amp in a sealed box...it sounds pretty good, but i've heard better.

...here is what i'm looking to do...

i have a box like this:


i have a JBL 600.1.(may get another and have 2)

What two 10's (300 or 600wrms each)would blow the audiobahns away in such a box. And are there any 10's that will out do the L712 my friend has???

i looked at Brahmas (heard alot about them) but there out of my price range...i have like $400-500

would a pair of 10" compvrs, L5's, L7's, W3v2's, or something else do what i want?

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Hey, I have two 12" w3v2's and they are just about as loud as u can get without spending $700 for a pair of subs. You can get two for $300 new. I got mine used for $200 and they are perfect? JL's are definately the best for sound quality. Good luck.

big dic balla
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either the comp VR's with a JL 600.1 or the JL W3v2
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