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Hey guys, sorry to sound like a complete retard, but I just bought a 2000 ford contour and I'd like to upgrade the sound system and add subwoofers when I manage to pull together enough money. However, I know almost nothing about installing a system or even what sort of parts to buy and what those parts do. I tried to search online for compatible parts and such with no luck. I was wondering if any of you would be kind enough to help me out a little. I'm on somewhat of a tight budget seeing how i'm going to college full time, so please try to keep any ideas within or under five hundred dollars for the whole thing. The stock speakers are mediocre at best but I can survive with those, I'm mostly just looking for a good set of subwoofers that won't cost me my left arm. Not to ask too much of those of you that respond, but since I know nil about this topic, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could explain exactly what else I would need to make this work. thanks a ton!

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ok lets start with what kind of music you like to listen to - cerwin vega has some excellent budget subs - the HED series and they dont need many watts to run them either

lets say you get the HED10SVC models, the 10" ones - a bp300.1 to power them would cost roughly $140 with $100 for both subs so thats about $240-250 there

grab a dual 10" sealed box for them at a stereo shop nearby, probly another $50-75, maybe cheaper if you want to build one..

grab an 8 guage power kit almost anywhere for $35 and last thing is to have a friend who knows audio or get a shop to install it for you - shops usually charge $50-100 for install

let me know if this helps :-)

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I listen to electronic techno stuff, rock-rap hybrid music. thanks for helping me out :-)
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