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i live in england just south of london and im getting ripped off all the time for car audio equipment, for example.. i bought a sony p5 amp (the one with 1600w on the front) which cost me £300 thats right ££ not $$, with the current exchange rate £300 is roughly $550 so you can understand how sick i felt when i found it on an american website for $199 thats about £115 !, same thing with my infinity reference1230 12" subs i paid £140 each ($250) i found them on the same site for $79.99! thats about £45!, can anybody let me know if they have any experience (good or bad) of shipping delicate goods like amps and speakers oversea's as i cant keep paying over the top prices which is what all of us brits have to do day in day out!

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well if you have a good friend in the U.S. you can always have them relay items, btw sony is crap

but you could get like a decent kicker amp or JBL amp for even less than that shipped to you from here

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hi, i bought the same amp, paid £230. i've also noticed that ice seems to be cheaper online, usually in US dollars. can anyone recommend a good online retailer that will ship to uk? also why does everyone keep saying that sony is bad. i've had this amp for a few months now, and its been fine. if sony made a bigger amp i'd buy it, i'm already thinking of getting another xm d1000p5, so my jl w3's have cleaner power.

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so, can anyone recommend a good online retailer? i'm thinking of buying a jl w7, but was quoted £1000 for one in a sealed box. online they seem to be a lot cheaper, like on but i don't want to receive a damaged or faulty w7. has anyone else had subs and amps shipped internationally?

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Since noone else has offered to help you all out I WILL. There is no sense in sitting back & doing nothing to help another guy/gal out. If you need someone to buy & send to you I would be more than happy to help you out. I'm sure there will be people on here that will say I'm just out to make a buck & even maybe rip you off ( because there ALWAYS are people like that no matter where you go ) BUT all I can say is " I WON'T !!" Before any transaction is done I'll send you some referenses so you can relax & start enjoying the money you saved. If interested email me & we'll get started.

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hey, thanks for the offer. i haven't yet got the cash needed to build the system i want - 2 jl audio w7's, and possible a 3000 watt phoenix gold amp i've seen on, plus other speakers and head unit i haven't yet decided on. i currently have 2 jl w3's and they're just not loud enough!

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cheers mike your a top bloke but since i posted this thread i have decided to have my summer holiday your side of the pond, the money il save on buying my equipment over there will pay for me to have 2 weeks of florida sunshine... NICE!
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