Going rrreeaallllyy low


I'm thinking of getting a 15" Sony simply because it's specs say it supposedly hits down to 15Hz(looking more at sound quality than SPL, plus they go for under 150). Anyone know anything for under $400-500(or hell I'll save up past a grand if i have to) that can play music that low and clearly?

one tip dont buy sony....their subs just suck

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Get JL Audio 13.5 W7. It will blow your mind if you put 1000 watts to it.

ya want a real sub???

get a 15" adire brahma and put it in a vented box tuned to 30 hz.....better yet get 2!!

WOW.....just WOW!!!

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Yeah, Adire Brahma is a BADAZZ too. I wouldn't mess with Sony

Alright it sounds like no Sony. I was planning on eventually putting in a 15" Stroker with it, and the 13W7 would take an extra month or so to save money for. Anyone think there would be a problem with both at once? Also on the CW site they only put up specs for ported Strokers, but I'm not entering any competitions(SQ remember), so I really want a simple(albeit large) sealed box.

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why bother mixing subs?
if you want two and want max output, get two of the same good sub..
the brahma or 13W7 is a good choice.
the sony is crap.

If you go with the 13W7s, be prepared to spend more for the amps as well. Each sub will need a JL 1000/1 to power it.
The subs are DVC, 3 Ohms per coil.
However, with two 13W7s, and two 1000/1 amps, I don't think anyone is going to mess with you.
That's an amazing sort of setup to go with in most vehicles with the proper enclosure.
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