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Rockford HX2 vs. jl w7Simon J Casey5
Tuning a ported boxAnonymous3
Links to buying RE subsChauncey Brown7
(2) MTX Thunder 7500 with Enclosure...Chauncey Brown13
RE: New Eclipses???Jake Hill13
Why get an alarm?mikechec93
How loud til you can feel it?Compluva11
Best bang for buck?Dustin Pettit7
Please Help System Malfuction For no reasonJake Davis3
Wiring 1svc and 1 dvc? Rovin3
Need box plansajm1
BoxesJustin Collom1
CDT subsRobert5
Sound tape?mixneffect2
Best 15" for 500rmsChris Person1
Port Ratios?mixneffect3
How are the TS-W3002SPL subs?Rovin5
Question for you rovinRovin4
5000.00 DD 99z?Oso8
Bench Tested???marshall white5
Marshall...marshall white3
Ohm confusedRyan Bo3
Ported Enclosure QuestionJake Davis3
Confused, need box help pleasemixneffect31
I need someone to verify this idea will worksean18
Need some Sub box help!lance boudreau3
Brian Tucker can you read my thread you answered again?sean2
1/4 or 1/2 Powering Your Sub.Brian Tucker5
Just lettin' ya know... My Deville is for sale.... Sadly.SiX7
Best subs for truck boxT0aSty18
SX15 ported IS LOUDER than 2 12" Type R portedjcash25
Yes or noAnonymous14
WhereEddie Arambula4
Another porting questionQuick Shot5
Couple questionsDustin Pettit16
Can I use the same box?Oso3
Sound Deadening Material???Oso2
Se or tyep-rAnonymous6
Sx sealedmatt thigpen5
RE vs. EclipseDustin Pettit5
Stuff for saleRobert4
I caEbay and RESiX4
Frequency cancellationRovin9
Treo subwoofers for sale!Julian1
Should i buy?Jamon Mon7
What do you guys thinkYoung James12
Eclipse Aluminums....subfanaticfanatic9
Brand New RE 12 for sale w/ ported box built to RE specsMO19
Is this a good comboAnonymous4
Is it possiblerob preg4
Non-name-brand subwoofersscuba steve10
Has anyone heard the earthquake sws?louie bricolas4
Wiring"a"sub with a 2 chan ampmikechec94
Help a n00b! Best Kicker 12" & Amp combo?Rovin8
Has any one ever.....Jamon Mon6
Small Encloser Tight Fitrob preg4
One 12 recomendations.....Rovin4
Kicker l7joe sbrizzi6
Chad LeeChauncey Brown1
I think i found a perfect amp for 12inch type XChad Lee3
My p3's don't sound as loud as i want....ucfsaxman13
The Worls Most Powerful Subwoofer!NE$TER18
What's better for 2 p3's.. ported, sealed, bandpass??Greggs1
What type of enclosureTrevor Eaton2
15" D9 VS. 15" SX............Also, Which comp. set...Quick Shot4
E-dead in boxMichael Workman5
Re sx , plz help with wiring.Rovin12
Subwoofer box port questionMike Jones3
Nice little puzzleSuicide-Shifter25
Competition a point/\/\ike14
The Price of a Audio Systemjake papa31
Comparison helpTrevor Eaton2
How do you calculate two portsTrevor Eaton2
13.5 W7Isaac9
Speakerbox PositionJoe Smoe7
How to measure splmikechec93
Hey rovinAnonymous5
Diamond D9 vs RE XXXmikechec93
Ascendant Audio new linesAM15
Has this ever happened to you?Chauncey Brown3
Major upgradeChauncey Brown7
Making sub enclosuresIsaac5
MO do you have another 15 inch re sx for saleMO2
How much in dollarsmarshall white14
Help me choose a setupdan cavallari6
Cone cracked, how could I fix it?dan cavallari3
Need the port length for RE subs!baseball11872
Avalanche AudioREDSKIN3
Too much port areadustin pettit15
What can this hit DB wise?Chris Person18
**Need Advice on a Great System**Ultimate Post Ho30
Kicker and audiobahndustin alan legrady16
Porting a box for a 15" avalanchebaseball11872
Any good ideas for these subsREDSKIN6
How many ohms is thisislandboy4
Measuring sound stuffAM1
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