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WHat kind of sub?Quick Shot2
Rate subs in order of loudest SPL Quick Shot 4ever19
Toby subwoffers and systemsAnonymous1
3yr old sister's mini-spl system...check it out guys!Anonymous13
Enough power?!James G3
Can anyone suggest a sub that rivals the RE SX (or better yet - one...Sean Gibson18
Which is a better amp to run 2 RE SEsmatt thigpen1
Sound deadeningShawn M6
Need SuggestionsBrady Fedro1
Square box versus triangle shaped boxMike Jones13
Video of new soundsplinter RL-SRichard Hassler1
What if a sealed box is too big?mixneffect15
My system need amp!Isaac W.2
Re Se VS Re Sxscott DeBaker3
Seal between sub and boxSean Gibson6
Subs that hit really LOWMuddyWaters23
Gettin this systemJake Hill5
How do u tune a boxJake Hill3
Where to buy sub boxes?James G2
JL Audio, which sub???astrosafari77339
Dodge ram 1500 regualr cab 99 cameron gormah1
Killer Capacitor Joe Smoe3
Help for my motherscuba steve13
MTX New Jackhammer ????Mike DiSanto12
4 type-R's or 4 L7'sMike DiSanto8
Computer Audio system In CarRovin6
Best subs for this set-up.kevin7
I dont really like my subsJoe Smoe13
Narrowed it down to two great subsStevie doo1
Kicker c12aWahl4
Want subs that hit hardQuick Shot 4ever6
New to thistaylor175
Why do my subs hit harder whentaylor176
ABC box GlassWolf6
Glass, I need your help again budDave Richer7
Computer Audio system In Carjoe2
I Got Some ?'s..Doing Some Smart Shopping.MuddyWaters31
Get Gas While You CanDR MAX53
Hifonics Goliath XX-3212Seth Lowe6
How smart is this?Seth Lowe7
Jl audio 10W3v2 versus RE SE 10"Adam8
HO AlternatorMuddyWaters9
Ditched the pyramidsdustin pettit6
Decent 10's for a single cab truckdustin pettit8
What do you think about this?Antonio Martinez III3
Fuses failing but not blowing?Jexx2
Building a box for 2 12'' Kicker CompVR'sDave Richer4
Where can u buy/rent/use a Decibel meter?MO7
Good place to buy a TI?Jake Hill8
Rainbow Audio ComparisonJake Hill3
Glass?!?!? anyone plzGlassWolf12
Deciding on subs for my Dodge 1500 club cabLEgacyAUDio17
Boss amps?Jake Hill7
Need help choosing a sub!matt thigpen10
Sealed or ported?!!?!Isaac10
Kicker comp cvr12Mike Loudon2
Sep. battery for subs?!Seth Lowe4
RE SX 12" or 15"scott DeBaker3
12in. idmaxx vs 12in. re xxx vs 12in. re sxscott DeBaker5
Kill the car?!Banksbuck50yayo14
Amp for 3 kicker comp CVR12sBanksbuck50yayo1
What SizeRovin9
Wiring ?mixneffect11
Kicker comp cvr12Trevor Eaton3
Like this setup? tell me what u think?!Rovin11
Which is better jones palmer8
Type r competitionjones palmer8
Sub amp HU (under 500)jones palmer2
Technical specs for 12 inch kicker cvr?jones palmer6
Ported and sealed but filteredJonathan5
Need prices on the REs thankxRobert2
1 15inch RE SX an a nine 1 ampscott DeBaker3
Is it the box??? 2 re 8"sAdam6
1 18" RE XXXkillerzracing7110
Need 2 15's1DEEGdeegan19
Lights wont dimkillerzracing7113
500d for 2 12"taylor174
Which is the better sound...taylor175
Disturbed's new CD review... 9.5taylor179
Is Audiobahn any good?Chris Person162
What amp?Ray Paek4
Need some helpAnonymous1
500d for 2 12"Eclipse 071
Need helpMike2
Alipne type R DVC in 2005 Nissan TitanInfinity Addict2
How would 2 infinity perfect vq 12s compare to 2 type-r 12s in splInfinity Addict6
AlpineType R'scantdecide4
Sub position in Escort....GlassWolf4
Word of the Week: TimbreGlassWolf5
Blueprints for 10" Subwoofer Box in 2003 Dodge RamJon Schaeffer2
Normal Vs. Reversedmikechec98
Avalanche wanted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1James Longo23
Avalanche vs. XXXJames Longo6
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