JL Audio, which sub???


I have a JL Audio 500/1 amp and I'm going to be buying some subs, but I don't know which model to get? I know I want 2 JLw3v2's, but do I want 2,4, or 6 ohm. I want to know which subs go best with my amp? Thank you for your time.

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Any of those models would work with the unregulated power supply of the JL slash series amps. It puts out 500w RMS at 1-4 ohms.

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go with the w6. it is superior in sql. it gets loud and sounds amazing doing it.

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Yup, thats what I love about JL amps... I wish they all did that. Even better than that, they've made it push the same power no matter if you're voltage is at 11.5V, or 14V... it still pushes the same power.
Big ups to JL on that ingenious idea.

How much better is the 12w6ae than the 12w3v2? Is it worth the extra money? Also you guys said that the 500/1 is 500 watts 1-4 ohm, but the 12w6ae is 6 ohm, will my 500/1 still power two of them? Will there be a problem with the wireing? Thank you all for your time!

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Where are you finding the old school w6ae's?I believe joe was talking about the new w6v2!

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i think you aought to get 2-10w7 you will be very happy with them

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i am very pleased with how they sound it blew three orion 12 away but i also have 2 JL 500X1 one per sub

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that looks like a completly different car witht he tailings. the stock tailights on those cars are very easy to notice.
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