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Selling the SX 12" on ebay if anyone wants it.Justin1
Top mount depth less than 5.25"Hank Rearden1
Blown or not blown....quick easy question.Kevin Bosini1
Amp for avalancheJames Longo7
Help With L7 boxGalant871
SongJames Longo3
10,000th postJames Longo41
JBL W12GTI mikechec92
Hey mikechec9 please help me out..!mikechec95
I'm at a loss......Down to 1 ID-Max - Jon/Glass/Isaac -etcGlassWolf10
Box for an eclipse?Matt f1
AP enclosure question-GlassGlassWolf4
15" SX vs. 15" AvalancheChauncey Brown2
What type of box??Matt f1
JBL W12GTI Series opinionsMike Jones5
Alpine type x 12injake papa2
Quick easy question :-)...MuddyWaters2
Help me plllzzzz!!!!! i need blueprints fo a 10" sub boxIsaac9
RE SE 10" Enclosure and AmpMaverick Jones3
AvalancheRay Paek2
SE better than SX?...Justin15
Need Help with Sub Box for 05 F-350Eric1
15" kicker L7 vs. 15" Alpine Type Rmikechec93
Are your subs accurate?mikechec917
How does a TDX compare to an H2??mikechec96
Gravity.. i've heard of them.. any good.FlipityFlap6
Word of the week: Fsmikechec92
Which of these Setups Is Best? GlassWolf & Others WelcomeJustintoxicated8
RepairSean Gibson3
Mutant 15 ich subwoofer 500rms ROGERIO SILVA1
Where can i get that thread on The ratings of like 100 different ma...Sean Gibson9
Ever heard of Audiopipe ??MazdaMan8
Orion XTR PRO 1000Rob Fox1
Sony....????Mike Jones2
Speaker help. 6.5" Civic ron8
Please Look!GlassWolf2
2 12" SX or 4 15" Kicker Comp VRs in hatchback?Justin1
Possible subwoofer problemsIsaac3
Sub questionhondarider1
Eclipse 8812.4 for salesub4sale4
Audiobahn immortal 12"s???Steve Duffee10
2 Avalanche 12's and a ported box...?Jonathan3
Type rJC5
Help With a Better set-up pleaseCody Chambers5
Does it matter....Matt f7
Glass Wolf Questionthxrd14
Anyone have any experience with Pro Box boxes?drb1
Type rhondarider1
Lookin for some deep bassTyler13
Enclosure plans jon2
Friends L7 and sx650.1 .... help with enclosure please...Trevor Eaton6
RE SE 12 Sealed w/ 600wRMSSounDesign4
Jl w3v2s with pioneer ampRobert Merc5
Subs in f150??please help glass.GlassWolf2
Does anyone know:GlassWolf4
Labirynth box eclipseGlassWolf3
I got $400 what can i get?Joe Smoe17
Downfire or firing up?JeremyC2
Help, Trunk RattlesInfinity Addict2
Hey, somebodyQuick Shot 4ever6
Series or parallel?Quick Shot 4ever3
I want to drop around a 1000 on a thumpin system, what is gonna hit? mixneffect3
Need advice plz..Jeff Loughrey2
I have 2 alpine type-r and addingjake papa11
GAS !Isaac135
1 ohm load? mikechec95
STROKER PRO 15 mikechec96
Trustworthy?Isaac W.8
Custome Enclousure for two 12inch xplod subwoofersVIERA7
3 random questions...MuddyWaters3
JBL?Shawn P1
1230 spl or sq box?I.c.e.manV32
2 JL w3's powered by Audiobahn a8000t..good setup or bad setup?MuddyWaters5
More ported Box Q'sJonathan7
RE MT better sq than L7?Tyler48
Help With Subwooferbekki5
Bose system in my Q45, Adding Beat? Please helpWahl3
Wire gauge and fuse sizeChris Person7
Speaker help. 6.5" Civic 99Questions1
Best sql with idmaxJonathan12
Looking for 10" L7sJustin2
Kicker L7 and Audiobahn A8000T..Will this sound good?Mike Johnson3
Need Serious Help...Wahl2
$650 to play withStevie doo4
Issac !!Bobby Nelson4
Will 2 12" atlas sound goodUltimate Post Ho6
Orion H2 Boxbaji irwin3
Need help hookin up systemRovin8
Raising back seatmarshall white4
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