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Eclipse 7324Daniel Byun1
Help with my subsjhon7
Ported or sealedscuba steve11
Best 10" SQ single sub for a sealed box?Ryan11
Powering Subs?Jeff Loughrey2
Any sales?Jeff Loughrey4
Kicker l7 vs. Rockford P3Rovin3
IDMAX d2v3 vs. Alpine X-TypeJonathan7
RE SX vs. Adire Brahma.robert r d r d12
Best 15' Sub baji irwin18
Cast your votes: Best Head Unit on the Marketdrb24
Pioneer subsRovin2
Needing box deminsions, please help glass,gold membersJustin7
Glasswolf what kicker subsTyler6
Ok... question... serious...Ricky Lussier11
Are Volfenhag ZX4812 good?Tyler8
Crossfire ampsCorey Brooks14
New alternatorCorey Brooks7
To seal or not to seal?Corey Brooks8
What would be sufficient for a avalanche 12 w/500w rmsTrevor Eaton2
Finally........My Installmikechec932
Trunk Rattles? w0rmbites2
Best sql with idmaxStevie doo1
ORION 2500D on a 150 altJeff Loughrey2
Glasswolf...., can i have your advice GlassWolf4
Ported or sealed700031
Why does my amp keep cutting off? makes no senseGlassWolf7
When you here tune your sub to 35 hz which adjustment does that exa...GlassWolf4
Tell me how good is this sub kicker cvr12 GlassWolf6
8" submixneffect11
SX 12 Ported of SX 15 Sealed?marshall white4
Sealed Enclosure - What Effect Does Volume Have?Jonathan10
Need help on which subwoofers I should getMuddyWaters2
Cast your votes: Best SQ sub for the priceMatt f19
MB Quart PWE354 or alternatives?killerzracing713
Word of the Week: VoltageGlassWolf4
One questionGlassWolf7
Cast your votes: Best Motor Techology Sean Gibson19
Phoenix Gold X12D4 Xenon 12, is this decent ?RunninFromKatrina2
Where do you buy RE subs???Jerrone Hornbeak2
RE SX or SE 12'John H. Greg3
Need help with my new setup, yeah im a newbAlan Ledbetter6
Parthenon vidjon doe2
MB Quart PWE 304 vs Diamond CM312D4MazdaMan3
Installing Bazooka Tube with Pioneer HeadBobobob1
Where / how much does a Treo csx or ssx cost?MuddyWaters5
Cast your votes: BEST SPL SUB ON THE MARKETIsaac21
Cast your votes: Best SPL sub for the priceSean Gibson13
Cast your votes: Most Durable SubSean Gibson19
What you guys think about directed audio?GlassWolf2
Cast your votes: Best SQL Sub for the PriceErik DaGenerik22
Friend need helpMatt f8
MB Quart PWE354 or alternatives?Chauncey Drinon1
Why do people hate on MTX so much?Jonathan22
Okay...what's happening when this forum in unavail?MuddyWaters2
Could we get a list of the best 2000 watt ampsMuddyWaters4
MB QuartAnonymous2
Subwoofer enclosure fabricmarshall white3
What is the better one?frank barnosky8
Rockford Fosgate T212D2 setupJeff Hortle2
Eclipse or RE?Tyler19
Sub powerGlassWolf2
Strange problemWahl9
3 12' type-r in custom box ???????Albert Vu6
Whats the song on realmofexcursion meade and others playLiCiD9
Repairing tinsel leads: advice and ideas, PLEASE!!!Sean Gibson6
Need some sub adviceRovin6
Subwoofers got messed upEric scott1
Audio store ownersJonathan5
Will the Diamond Audio D612D4 hit hardLiL Jon3
Box Ideas..marshall white4
MARSHALL!!marshall white2
Lanzar Heritage 12Inch 1000 Watt and Legacy 2 Chan 600 Watt AmpRovin14
Box questionAnonymous3
Whats good?MuddyWaters3
Sub enclosure options?Cody Chambers5
MMATSCorey Brooks4
PyramidsCorey Brooks10
RE Sub helpmarshall white4
Help with subs!Ultimate Post Ho8
12" Kicker CompVRmarshall white21
Dude sayin a kicker l7 or w7 will kill a RE MT or XXXAlbert Vu20
More then avg comparison... appreciate experienced help.Trevor Eaton32
Bass remote?hondarider1
2 INFINITY subsMatt f2
Ohms reading @ speaker w/ dvom PLEASE READHIFIGUY3
The install you all should see.GlassWolf16
Help building systemtaylor177
Need some help pleaseBrian Woodard3
Whats the problemChad norville3
What amp?Rovin6
L Shaped PortAnonymous4
SPL SQL questiontaylor172
12" RecommendationsMatt f7
Help building a boxAnonymous4
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