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Loudest single 10"?AlpineThumping7
Allright--i need some deep good sounding bass for not a whole lot of $budget minded14
Rip lee h1
Alphasonik!!!!!!!jorge moreno4
Subwoofer fuzzRichard Rugless1
Loudest JL sub/subs with a 500/1 amp?BIG ed6
Air space????BIG ed11
HU question?Brooks Robinson1
Lots for sale--all offers consideredbumpin ben wallace1
So I just got my new HU! But...Chris Person9
Couple of questionsRedrazor5
Can anyone pls help junior1
Subwoofer spec. question...sq junkie15
Hey AlpineThunpingAlpineThumping2
Itsbacon i saw your shocker extreme freeairAlpineThumping2
Just Traded 2 15" TDX's for 2 15" Avalanches!!!!AlpineThumping4
How to wire all 4 4ohm subs at 2 ohms mikechec93
Kicker l7's 4ohm dual voice coilsmikechec94
Jl audioDR MAX9
4 ohm vs 8 ohm - Questionsmixneffect2
Port noisebassfishing2
600 watts RMS to work withblegitdasavage5
4 Kicker 10s CVR What Kinda Amp do i use?Aymond Greenlee5
FS: Orion HCCA 12"Hunter Warren7
Jonathan. 1600watts/Brahmamikechec91
Alpine swr-1042d wiring?BassManMIke6
Street rage??Matthew Kinnamont1
My new system plan...opinions welcomedall bout cuspid6
Amp trouble... needing help picking one outJames Longo6
XtantBrandon riddell3
My new boxAlpineThumping10
Amp question here .pls help. anyone PLSjunior1
Six twelvesmikechec96
White wire?Jeff Loughrey6
Who knows transmission lines?Jeff Loughrey33
Kicker Vented Box?qcsfinest2
DD hit 153db, Memphis hit 159dbBrandon riddell2
Where to buy amp fansJeff Loughrey14
10W7 Vs. 2 10" He2sDoug Zator7
Looking to buy some cheap L7sdarkseid13
HELP, new system!! Problems already!! JL 1000 2 W6V2'sJL Nut4
SUB keeps cutting off!Kan someone please help me?BassManMIke7
My friend needs a new subbudget minded18
Box for one eclipse 15 tiRyan3
Best SQL 15"?Ryan4
2-jl w713 vs 2 RE xxx Ryan7
Can anyone tell me about kole audio DVC 1000 watts 15'RogerCEO2
HELP ME PLZ !!!!!!!!!!!»JaZz«5
Kicker.. NEW OR OLDAnonymous3
James Longo, look at this NOW!!Joe Smoe5
Diamond Audio TDX's or Avalanches??????????Chris Klein10
JL 12w3V2 D2 wiring questionmikechec96
MoreMark S6
I want spl mixneffect16
Help with sound system.Ryan Johnson1
Subfanatic can you recommend system?Anonymous10
Msn and yahoo namesBrandon riddell6
Kicker Comp Jake Chesley12
HELP ME with System!!!!!!!Jake Hill2
Alpine 9847Jake Hill10
Which is the Louder system?Jake Hill7
Head unitsGrmncrsnbr2
Honda civic questionMario L18
Hey SubfanaticNick T3
RE QuestionMario L7
PLZ HELP !!!!!!Mario L6
Website help plus...courtney W6
WHERE CAN I BUY ????Knacko2
2 12" type R vs 1 12" type X ???D P W4
MY SYSTEM RULES ----->>>>>>>>>Jonathan14
Need a guru if there are any leftGrmncrsnbr8
Did I make a good decision?Mark S2
To SEE sound...Joe Smoe7
Hey subfan, box?Dozy1
Sup guyz help me out...drew osborn6
Hear anything about the Audiobahn AW1805Q?Brandon K4
RE XXX 15 under 400 a picebetterdeal1
HELP 12w3v2-d4 and a 2ohm stabil ampSimon J Casey2
Man, this would be kick as s if u could get it 2 workAnonymous11
12 W7 or T212D2Dave16
Diamond D6 15"?drake1
New System Help...Thrush2
What would be louder and sound better????????????Chris Klein4
3 12's on BX1500DIsaac W.9
2 jl w7 13 Simon J Casey14
2 Subs 1 AmpMark Crumpacker3
178.1 db?Joe Smoe7
RE XXX12 SealedYeman11
Bazooka TubesSUBZer02
Audiobahn Rules!SUBZer022
(2)-2003 Kicker Comp 15" 8-ohmsCworth8
2 DD 3500's what amp?Jay B.5
Why the distortion?Anonymous13
Polly filltaylor michael johns4
Where to find...dustin pettit2
Diamond audio 10" M6KII dual 2 ohm and autotek sx 2300 for my xbox...Brandon riddell2
I Made a bad choice i thinkSubfanatic13
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