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I just came up with a lot of $, and I was wondering if you could wire six twelves on two amps, both mono. I got a really good deal on 6 2004 model l7's (100 a piece), 2 ohm, and the amp/ amps are one or two mmats 1400.1. if at all possible, could I get 2 or 3 subs that could get just as loud, that have a little more sq for about 6-700$. Thanks for the help.

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two amps arent going to give you satisfaction from 6L7's. and as you seem to already know, you will have little to NO sq w/those subs anyway.
with your two amps i would push two soundsplinter rlp 12's at 1ohm. 1amp/sub.
email mike regarding the enclosure size.
there are plenty of sub options, but imo, you just can't beat this sql at 215.00/sub.
just my 2cents

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how do those soundsplinters sound? spl and sq?

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one amp on each soundsplinter wouldn't overpower it? or do I need one amp for both subs?

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sly hippo get a couple 15 inch eclipse ti's lol

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one amp powering both subs would be about 1400 wattsx1. that's about 700watts/sub at 1ohm.
if you dedicate one amp to each sub (i was assuming you already had these two amps) it will give you about 1000watts/sub at 2ohms.
either would be fine. it is always better to have more power than not enough.
either way, be sure to set your gains appropriately. if you don't already have both amps, you could stick with one and HIT HARD! and it would still be very clean and accurate bass.
i have posted these before, but these are other alternatives. but price/(SQL)performance, SS is my first pick.
ID Max
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Sound Spinter
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Ascedant Audio
Adire Brahmas
Atomics tml
Elemental Designs
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Beyond Audio
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