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Yamaha HTR-5650 Receiver, connecting a consoleJim Bay32008-04-10 17:10
No TV Volume after setting up Home Theaterglen trs172008-04-06 04:26
Hook up PC to Onkyo Receiver?Berny22008-03-29 04:01
Suggestion for wierd request neededJim Bay42008-03-27 11:11
Bose 321 Series II IssueJim Bay22008-03-25 12:04
Hi everyone, need some help/suggestions, please.Jim Bay102008-03-16 15:06
PLEASE HELP IM DESPERATE :-( philips 3750w...stuart atow202008-03-16 11:58
Speaker wire question?JOHN S32008-03-15 15:59
RCA RT2380BK 400-Watt Home Theater Sound System Heidi Cruz902008-03-06 16:28
Onkyo HT-SR800?Juan C. Pena112008-03-05 23:06
Cheap Surround Sound JOHN S42008-02-27 12:17
NexxTech Home Theater System ESDVD100Jeremy302008-02-26 13:26
Centre Channel SpeakerMary O42008-02-16 21:00
Is bose lifestyle v20 good?Duke22008-02-15 13:13
Bose Error 801Berny22008-02-04 03:34
Whats the best home theater in a box for the $$$Berny22008-01-29 06:47
Will Centre Speaker Help & If So How To?Jim Holder52008-01-18 11:26
THEATER INNOVATIONS SCAMandrew browne1982008-01-17 13:34
Home theater systemJOHN S92008-01-15 22:47
Onkyo HT-ST800 vs Onkyo HT-S907 vs Onkyo HT-SP908 vs Onkyo HT-S990 THXBerny22008-01-12 22:12
Sony DAV-HDX265 no signalJOHN S52008-01-04 14:35
Connecting receiver to old HDTVJOHN S42007-12-29 14:58
Onkyo HT-SR800 dual sub setup?Brandon22007-12-11 07:33
Input/Output QuestionJOHN S32007-11-27 23:04
DVD - TV - Radio Sound LevelsWayne Depew12007-11-27 00:25
Denon s301 vs Bose 321Rick Cain62007-11-20 07:12
Onkyo HT-990THX - How to mount the huge speakersRick Cain12007-11-20 07:00
Sony Home Theatre System with volume problemsN V Aguilera12007-11-06 01:37
Home Theatre connection to TV - Basic CableJOHN S22007-10-23 12:45
Any Reviews or comments on Onkyo HT-SP908Don Seddio22007-10-13 00:43
KLH Does anyone have this HA 7000 HELP!!!mary phiney962007-10-11 14:14
Low Level DVD SoundJOHN S22007-10-11 13:07
BOSE 3-2-1 and a Symphonic TVJOHN S22007-10-11 12:48
Zvox vs. SoundMatters vs BenauraDon12007-10-10 18:27
Hear Echo!!!JOHN S22007-09-19 13:05
Help with upconversion, jvc th-c50 no pillarboxingapollonio lee52007-09-16 06:14
Aspire digital AD5807Ajiri12007-09-15 17:55
Kenwood amp does not workAdi Philpott12007-09-08 21:39
UpscaleGavin52007-09-06 18:15
System for around $300?Nick12007-08-29 13:40
Sony DAV-DZ830Woliver lockie12007-08-28 13:45
Review of Samsung HT-DM150Michael Ott852007-08-22 03:12
Sony dav-dz150KRamanathan22007-08-18 10:05
Boston Acoustic Avidea 610 DVD/ReceiverChristopher Molloy12007-08-07 00:32
Is my Sony STR-K740P outdated for my setup?Bigbadworm22007-07-24 16:55
My surround sound goes out when too loudGavin22007-07-23 18:40
Panasonic SA-HT900 Home Cinema system Cablegary steven12007-07-23 12:11
Need some wireless HTIB suggestionsVelia12007-07-14 16:51
ReceiverCasey22007-06-15 18:06
Kenwood VRS-N8100Rene Paulin12007-05-31 01:09
If you have a HT-TQ85 and DVD+R please Look!!Osmosis Jones32007-05-30 06:42
Panasonic SC-HT940 Home Theater Systemvincent venzon52007-05-27 12:48
Onkyo HT-S790 ?Mark Mastin62007-05-25 23:30
Dvd/vcr and htib problemsKrista Lewis12007-05-23 00:18
Problem with Samsung ht-q100Kyle12007-05-17 23:42
Sony Dream SystemMichael Tarala32007-05-16 19:21
Z-5500 vs other HTIBsChris S12007-05-11 12:54
Hauffman HM-9060MX Home Theater System.... total junkBerny42007-05-09 23:03
Advice on REALLY cheap system?? Berny122007-05-09 18:57
Region HackJames Norton152007-05-07 16:50
Home Theatre under $1000?Aaron Smith62007-05-03 14:55
Advice please! Berny22007-05-03 05:17
Looking for not exspencive ,but good systemBerny42007-05-02 16:01
PS3 and HTIB compatibilityAaron Smith42007-05-01 14:41
Rear speakers softer than the fronts ?Berny22007-04-24 21:51
Help !!! Jambu mali52007-04-17 13:46
Home theater in a box with HDMI connectivity?JOHN S52007-04-17 04:37
Panasonic SCHT740 &940..HDMI questions,etc.JOHN S42007-04-15 21:03
Thank you folksLynn Fickle12007-03-28 14:35
Onkyo 6.1 Channel HTIB HTS680 Berny22007-03-27 15:41
New guy with a questionBerny62007-03-23 18:53
Panasonic HT740---Slight clicking noiserandall williams42007-03-22 04:34
Onkyo HT-S780 digital input buttonJosh Raetz112007-03-20 05:48
Sony Home Theater Audio ProblemsBerny22007-03-19 14:50
Sub and Center Switched? Help!Fender Edwards42007-03-13 00:12
Please helpwilliam smith12007-03-08 07:03
Digital coaxial output on philips 50" plasmaAaron Smith32007-02-28 16:30
Is there such a thing as extension cables for speakers?Gavin102007-02-27 06:43
RCA RTDVD2 reviewMatt Shokoff12007-02-25 11:30
ONKYO HTIB receiver - hot temperatureMark Mastin92007-02-21 22:27
Crossover and DB settings on Onkyo HT-S780Mark Mastin32007-02-16 05:01
Surround Sound on TVBerny302007-02-13 18:32
Sub placement for HTIBBerny42007-02-12 22:56
Bose Lifestyle 28IIGavin22007-02-05 04:34
Stupid Surround Sound QuestionBerny62007-01-31 20:16
DAV-DZ110 Divx IssuesLinux Pimp22007-01-30 06:20
Need Newbie Speaker Recommendation? Low BudgetBerny32007-01-30 02:09
Question about HDMI ConnectionsJOHN S92007-01-27 02:14
Orb Audio Mini Speakers and SubJohn Donnee12007-01-25 23:05
Anyone heard the JVC Sophisti DD-8 series ?Evan Williams12007-01-23 01:48
Please help with onkyo HTS 760Mark Mastin42007-01-22 15:12
New-be. suggestions for a decent system appreciatedMark Mastin52007-01-22 07:21
Help-Denon Sub making noiseCharles Schmidt12007-01-11 15:42
Would this fry my HTiB?Tyler62007-01-11 13:08
Cheap HTIB for my dorm roomChirag Patel92007-01-10 16:02
Panasonic SC HT-740 problem using surround sound on TV, PS2, and DVDMike Bonelli12007-01-08 19:44
Help- Control with HDMI/ HDAVI Control Berny122007-01-08 18:18
Digital Amp or All in one Home theatreBerny42007-01-08 02:53
New Pioneer HTP55HDKevin Li212007-01-05 23:41
Proline DVD250HT home cinema system, HELP!!Andre Money32006-12-31 16:29
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