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Marantz plus WharfedaleJuggy Jones72006-04-28 19:27
Distance of speakers (Towers vs Bookshelves) from sweetspotJuggy Jones142006-04-28 19:24
Best bet speakers 5.1 all <$2k? Guru's needed!Elderion572006-04-28 18:35
Onix X-Series Anthony Teixeira82006-04-27 17:13
Wharfedale AuditonGalactic Pot-Healer12006-04-27 17:02
Need a good set of front speakers and maybe a center chanel?jim watson32006-04-27 02:06
Floor speaker decisionMichael Cameron142006-04-27 01:57
Building speaker enclosures using 8" B&W woofersBerny22006-04-26 22:22
PC speakers directly to audio receiver?Jexx62006-04-26 17:09
Wharfedale Evo 40 vs. Opus 1 or 3 questionNick Nace342006-04-26 01:52
Best Speakers for DJ or KJBerny72006-04-25 20:37
Please help Right AVr and speaker combo Ranjit12006-04-25 19:31
B&W 803D what amp forFrank Abela152006-04-25 14:55
Looking for speakers around $5k - Forte Sounds?jim watson242006-04-25 14:17
Paradigm speakers finally do shineBrian92006-04-25 13:04
Polk R50 special $140/pairPeter Galbraith22006-04-24 19:57
I know this isn't the place for this, but...Michael Cameron222006-04-24 02:07
Wife Says Paradigm Studio20 Too Big, What To Do ?Hawk402006-04-23 03:00
NHT classic speakers....Hawk32006-04-23 02:24
Impedance mismatches and other speaker issuesNuck112006-04-22 11:25
UGH!! My Brand New Totem Sttaf, has ISSUESNuck262006-04-22 00:53
1st-rate monitors, <=$3KNuck272006-04-21 17:56
Yamaha Klipsch ComboChris Devine152006-04-21 17:37
Infinity Kappa 8Brian132006-04-21 09:51
Front and Left Floorstanding speakersGavin R. Cumm402006-04-20 16:46
Paradigm mini monitor + studio CC v.2Art Kyle22006-04-20 01:06
Hi-Fi & iPOD speakersStu Pitt252006-04-19 20:51
Reynaud SpeakersRAC12006-04-19 16:48
B & W DM 601 S3- Sharp SoundJan Vigne22006-04-19 14:55
Jan, take a look at this...Nuck62006-04-19 10:14
Wilson BeneschFrank Abela22006-04-18 13:33
RAC's Emma-pressionsDakulis222006-04-17 23:37
Mirage Omnisat vs Orb Audio which is better?Edster922462006-04-17 00:14
Need help on choosing.Edster922332006-04-16 15:34
Bookshelves vs. Surround spkrs?Art Kyle112006-04-16 04:50
Adire Audio MuseTimn8ter42006-04-16 04:02
Alpha Technology mac2000fshawn e decker112006-04-16 02:04
Wharfedale Opus, any comments?Gavin R. Cumm52006-04-15 22:30
Polk r30 or sony SS-MF750H?Srinivas Annavarapu52006-04-15 19:13
Totem Sttaf arrived yesterday.Jan Vigne32006-04-15 15:03
PiezoNuck32006-04-14 23:17
Best choice for Marantz 4600Hawk82006-04-14 03:36
Are Totem T4s speaker stands = Target Speaker Stands?T.K. Young-Raine12006-04-14 01:10
I want to sell my Paradigm Monitor 7'sJazziac52006-04-13 18:59
PSB Alpha B v/s Sonodyne Genie2Srinivas Annavarapu102006-04-13 12:11
Earth loopJan Vigne42006-04-13 01:17
Ultra Acoustic Systems.Nuck202006-04-13 00:27
How to secure floor standing speakers (kid proof)Nuck122006-04-12 23:43
Cerwin Vega PD-9 Spec. Ed.Jan Vigne132006-04-11 23:57
Paradigm Studio 100 v1 or 60 v2 ?chuttt12006-04-11 22:28
Small wall mounted speakersHawk92006-04-11 19:34
Thiel CS1.6Gavin R. Cumm22006-04-11 14:51
I Changed My Mind! now Totem Rainmaker vs Totem SttafElderion52006-04-10 20:32
Where are my speakers? Dakulis612006-04-10 18:59
Bad experience with this store....Elderion92006-04-10 17:41
Paradigm Atom/PSB AlphaBNuck152006-04-09 03:07
Test tonesTimn8ter122006-04-07 18:42
ADS LV1020 speakersJim Winarski32006-04-07 12:14
Paradigm/Monitor AudioGregory Stern132006-04-06 12:51
New to Home AudioNuck32006-04-06 08:05
Bookshelf speakers?Coby Utterback172006-04-06 03:05
CHOICE/your wife/girlfriend/pets or your loudspeakerNMyTree202006-04-05 20:56
Who can help me out ?Gavin R. Cumm82006-04-05 19:40
Definitive SpeakersGavin R. Cumm62006-04-05 19:25
Blew the Paradigm Studio 60 V3's.Gavin R. Cumm212006-04-05 17:00
Try this $20 tweak b4 upgrading!Gavin R. Cumm322006-04-05 16:58
What exactly IS "reference level?"Nuck1122006-04-04 21:50
Favorite SPEAKER you own or would like to get? My Rantz752006-04-03 22:47
A worthy foil?Jan Vigne302006-04-03 22:32
Infinity 12" BU-2 Sub, still considered a good one?Yiotta62006-04-03 18:24
Definitive technology speakersCroozer212006-04-03 16:28
B&W Series 200 V202 or Paradigms 5SeGavin R. Cumm72006-04-01 00:26
Wattage outdated? Dakulis662006-03-31 22:57
Gallo Reference 3Paul Folbrecht142006-03-31 19:27
Main Speakers for Denon AVR 4306winthrop rhodes62006-03-30 20:13
Good Receiver in $600 and Below Price RangeGregory Stern82006-03-30 14:29
Good speakers for 2,000Berny502006-03-30 04:05
Good Wireless Headphones...Timn8ter22006-03-28 23:52
Speaker review on MSNBCTimn8ter42006-03-28 23:23
Synergy friendly speakers ??Stof32006-03-28 22:57
Help - Subwoofer Pops on Changing Receiver Input SourceJan Vigne22006-03-28 22:48
Multi-room speaker wiring questionsGavin R. Cumm72006-03-28 16:54
Bi Amping w/ No Sub outJan Vigne202006-03-28 14:03
Proper disposal of old speakersMNR332006-03-28 13:54
Mirage Omnisats, opinionsncav32006-03-28 01:25
Audigon Seller wants Money Order ONLY?Art Kyle92006-03-27 21:01
Attic listening room set-upStu Pitt112006-03-27 20:26
I Found a Speaker I LOVE, and it is...........Gavin R. Cumm132006-03-27 18:23
Need help with Infinity SSW-210 SubwooferBrian McClelland22006-03-26 21:50
After The Fact Wiring For In-Ceiling SpeakersBrian McClelland32006-03-26 21:48
Calling all opions on jblsJay.....12006-03-26 16:04
I'm in speaker review h*ll - please help.Nuck342006-03-26 12:50
Adapter questiontamara ramos12006-03-25 18:50
Are there any speakers made from the ground up...Nuck82006-03-25 18:08
Polk Audio CS150Jason42006-03-25 06:26
Looking for cerwin vega dx9 15'sCroozer32006-03-25 00:17
Totem Sttaf vs Vandersteen 1CT.K. Young-Raine92006-03-24 22:15
TriangleEdster92242006-03-24 14:56
Help...matching center channeljim watson172006-03-24 06:51
Polk RTi6 vs. Axiom M3tiEdster92252006-03-24 00:13
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